I Am Powerful Beyond Measure

“I am powerful beyond measure”

Remember who you truly are. You are Divine in human form. Your word is your creative power. Honor your word and know that every thought leads to your word which leads to action and result. Your word is your creative power, always remember this fact and that you are always creating in every moment. It is consistency of thoughts, words, and actions that lead to all of our dreams becoming a reality. Remember your strength and don’t be afraid of it but let it empower you and know that you can fill your life with endless joy and happiness by filling your thoughts with love and abundance. Fill your heart with gratitude for everything you have in life, perhaps the eyes to read this, legs to walk, or ears to hear! There is an infinite amount of things to be grateful for if we awaken to the glory of life and as we make this a habit we begin to attract more and more things to be grateful for and it becomes a consistent reality of blessings. A loving heart is the most powerful creative power in the universe and gratitude I find is the fastest way to shift ourselves into a state of love and joy for life.
I love you unconditionally and eternally and wish you endless happiness in all your life!

May you create what it is you desire.

Wishing us peace and love always-


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