Fallacy of Judgment, Truth of Consequence

        In conjunction with the post, God and the illusion of Judgment, I’d like to further elaborate on this fallacy given its profound importance in seeking true growth. Furthermore, this concept and notion of judgment is so destructive it is absolutely heartbreaking what it is capable of and it is vital to understand this error in order to be protected from its negative nature. In my own journey judgment caused endless struggle and suffering and to escape its arrogance/ignorance brought infinite peace and serenity. Thus because of this freedom it is my humble intention to assist others in enjoying the same liberation and restoration of eternal rightness and lovability. The following is an excerpt from The Liberated Lotus: Awakening Eternal Happiness.

    “Consequence and judgment seem similar and yet are entirely different in their contextual realms and concordant degrees of truth. Judgment is based in fear and control whereas consequence is based in love, devotion, and Truth. Judgment implies partiality and the ability to be conditionally loved. Consequence implies unconditional love and the power to control one’s own fate and that one is only subject to that which is chosen through alignment of the spiritual will and intentionality. In other words, God is not a judge. The soul determines its own fate according to its decisions and conscious alignment and therefore subjects itself to its own concordant consequences. God’s love is equally constant at all times regardless of alignment, and instead, is that which allows for all choices as a truly unconditional loving God beyond all fallacious limited notions of partiality. Likewise, God’s perfect love doesn’t have to be earned or ‘proven worthy of’ because it is completely devoid of such anthropomorphic needs or desires.

      There is no investment in the fallacious concept of judging for there is no one to do the judging in the first place. Divinity has no interest in judgment, needs, or desires and to believe so is extremely limiting to the nature of Divinity. Divinity is infinitely loving and unconditional and therefore is not subject to partiality of judgment. Divinity simply allows for consequences that are determined by oneself in every moment rather than some illusory separate judging God figure. Judgment day is every day, continuously within every moment, as dictated by consciousness’ alignment. Divinity is equally all things and therefore has no preference in what a soul chooses.

   Put briefly, if one continuously consciously aligns with unconditional love then the realms of Heaven and salvation are the consequence of such alignment. Likewise, if one consciously aligns with the energies absent/lacking love such as victimization, pride, hatred, or fear then realms of Hell are the consequence of such alignment. God has no preference or interest in either path, but rather equally, perfectly, and lovingly, allows for all options that are simply decided by each individual soul based on its alignment of awareness. Thus there is no reason to seek to control or condemn anyone, truth simply demonstrates the point of consequence and then allows all to choose for themselves. Truth has no preferences, desires, or motivations. Truth is unconditional, immutable, eternal, formless, and therefore beyond needs, approval seeking, or any other limited duality. With proper understanding of consequence, forgiveness and acceptance are able to come forth as powerfully healing energies of transformation.”

The Significance is the Inner Reality and Intention

    It is the importance of one’s intentions and the fact that one is trying rather than the content of what is going on. As many sages and the avatars have said, it is the fact one is on the path rather than where in particular. It is the meek, humble, and the consistently devoted seekers that are infinitely rewarded for it is their perseverance and devotion that are the guarantee of their blessings. Judgment is based primarily on content and in terms of religion, appearing ‘righteous’. Yet the truly righteous are humble, and righteous in silence, privately, and within. True righteousness has no interest in appearances and is beyond judgments of others. They have realized the complete distraction and ignorance of judgment and are concerned only with their inner reality, which is composed of their intentions, devotion, and dedication to Truth, and Truth only. The truly committed have no interest in subjecting themselves to the distraction of negativity and know that they are always loved, right, and perfect just as they are. By owning the truth of consequence one is free from all negativity because even while making ‘mistakes’ one is protected by knowing it is one’s humble desire to improve that leads to salvation.

All Suffering is Self-Created

    All suffering is self-created and thus in terms of consequence, one is free from suffering by realizing all suffering is only a vanity stemming from ignorance. One doesn’t need to suffer from or live in fear of judgment but instead accept the truth of consequence. Thus as upsets and set-backs occur along the path of self-improvement (as they inevitably will) one is free from the suffering and negativity that are tempting to indulge in. The truly wise accept that all seeming ‘mistakes’ or ‘failures’ are actually only perfect lessons and growing opportunities and have no interest in wallowing in self-defeat. Therefore with an understanding of consequence it allows one to transcend all obstacles through continued devotion and trust that all things necessary for one’s progression will be provided and indeed they are right now, in this very moment, always and forever. Divine Love will never forsake us, the notion itself is an impossibility. It is through this radical inner faith and dedication that one’s true reward is aligned through the consequence of such a pure loving belief. Anything that tells us otherwise is not based in love. For we are perfect always even while we stumble, and have nothing to prove or earn.

Judgment is a Temptation of Victimization and Vanity

    We must go beyond appearances, we are accountable only to ourselves and Divinity, which are inevitably realized to be one and the same. Thus one must release all attachment to judgment which is a temptation of victimization coming from the primitive ego and was unknowingly learned and accepted. Releasing attachment to judgment is to release attachment to the endless suffering that is caused by it. The primitive ego is getting something out of believing in judgment and loves all the energetic rewards it gets from it such as shame, self-defeat, or pride. In terms of humans judging each other, there is a vanity of feeling superior to others such as the trap of being ‘more righteous’ while others are ‘sinners’. Or that one’s particular view on life is the one and only or otherwise better/best. This is the most ridiculous of ego creations as the notion of judgment is taken to its absurd level of arrogant projection.

    To project judgment onto anyone else is the most ignorant of all ego vanities. By letting go of this vanity one accepts consequence which is humble and has absolutely no concern for projecting onto others for to do so is realized to subject oneself to the consequence of doing so. Consequence has innate to itself the essence of love because one naturally only aligns with loving others due to proper understanding of consequence. By embracing consequence one knows that to love others is to only love oneself for the consequences of such pure intentions only rewards oneself. Indeed, it is the one who gives the service who is the ultimate receipt of blessings not the other way around. Hence Christ’s teaching of let the greatest amongst you be your servant.

Love Thyself

    True devotion comes from loving oneself which naturally extends to others effortlessly. Nothing should be forced, we should always be following our natural blissful state. Simply and profoundly, love thyself, not in an egotistical manner but in a healthy respectful way that is self-fulfilling and naturally extends to loving others. If we forget to love ourselves we quickly become overdrawn and exhausted from the world. The importance becomes paying attention to boundaries. We must always honor our self-love first, otherwise our love for others is not pure and is more so out of obligation rather than true giving. This is subsequently detrimental to all involved.

Transcend Judgment and Awaken to the Beauty All Around

   Transcending judgment and realizing the beauty and love innate to consequence is absolutely transformative in its effect on our inner happiness and peace of mind. Judgment is an illusion, there are no external forces/powers to reckon with, all things are only within, including Divinity. Thus, go within and we will never go without.

    Find peace in knowing we are perfect always and could never be otherwise. We are unconditionally loved throughout all our wanton ways, we are always lovable throughout our ‘mistakes’ or ‘failures’ for they don’t actually exist as such, it is only the perception of them that gives them negativity. All things are actually blessings in disguise, some are just more obvious than others. By aligning with consequence we re-own our power innately within and realize that it is our purity of heart and intentions that are most relevant, the world can judge all it wants it doesn’t have to effect us because we know nothing is personal. And even more so, we can only have compassion for others who are judgmental because they are only projecting their own inner judgment and self-disapproval. Consequence extends love, judgment projects ‘wrongness’. Align with love and be free forever by allowing for significant growth to come forth. The surge of positive loving energy that comes from letting go of judgment is absolutely amazing and life will truly never be the same. I love you unconditionally and infinitely as the same Self. We are one always and forever.

Namaste’, Peace and Love always-


18 thoughts on “Fallacy of Judgment, Truth of Consequence”

  1. “If you believe in God, that’s because you believe in the Devil” ( Enigma).
    Judging implies separation, implies belief in a selfhood apart from universal life.
    By judging, I cut myself apart from the Source…
    As I believe, so I do experience… there is no “tree of Knowledge” but a “tree of beliefs”.
    There is nothing but beliefs, that’s our experience…
    Great writing Matt, thanks for highlighting the obvious….

  2. You must be kidding.We must go beyond appearances, we are accountable only to ourselves and Divinity, which are inevitably realized to be one and the same. Sounds like you are saying we are as gods.

  3. No kidding, every word is sincere. These writings are intended for the sincere seeker of Truth and Enlightenment as the realization of God as Self. Such a pursuit inevitably leads to the realization that we are all Divinity, not in a personal, self-will/ego sense but as an indescribable, unnamable Presence that is all-present and revealing infinite creation of All That Is. All is Divinity, humanity’s fall into duality and believing itself to be separate from each other and Divinity is the grandest of all illusions and has led to endless suffering because of its ignorance and limitation. In this age of science the universe has already been demonstrated to be unified as one collective energy deemed ‘consciousness’ and is therefore already clearly alluding to the teachings of Nonduality that sages have been trying to help others see for thousands of years. To see all ‘others’ as ‘oneself’ is to realize the highest of love, thus to behold and love others as Divine is to realize one’s own Divine Self. This takes courage, dedication, humility, and lots and lots of forgiveness. 🙂
    Love you

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