Understanding Projection – Nothing External is Personal

     In light of the recent discussions regarding the themes of awareness and the ego and its attachments, let us further discuss the concept of projection. Once the ego has formulated its belief systems and established its sense of identification within its energetic theme of consciousness it then perceives all of life with such accepted intentions. This then becomes the source of all opinions, perceptions, values, interests, and ultimate subjective experience of life. However, all of which are relative and only true within the field of awareness from which they are arising in. Meaning, to one theme there are certain values and interests that are applicable while to another theme such values and interests are not attractive nor relevant. Thus everything we do is actually only a projection of our own awareness and is purely subjective. There is nothing in the world that is ‘bad’, ‘awful’, ‘wonderful’, ‘good’, or otherwise capable of being labeled, all labels are simply a projection and vanity. There is nothing in existence that is actually objective and thus all language is only a metaphor and arbitrary abstraction.

Nothing is Personal

     Everything humans do is just a projection of one’s own inner world and actually has nothing to do with anyone or anything else. To have an opinion on anything is strictly a subjective reality and is absolutely only true to the one holding the opinion. This might seem obvious to some, yet the vast majority are trapped within the ego’s illusions and actually believe that their perceptions and opinions of things are completely true and objective and therefore it is everyone else that is mistaken. The ego believes in its viewpoint entirely and will defend it until death if necessary. The primitive ego hates admitting it’s wrong and struggles with its insecurities and inability to be humble. People thought it was crazy to accept that the world was round because it meant they’d have to give up their belief that is was quite obviously flat…

     The more primitive the ego, the more narcissistic it is, likewise, the more humbled the ego, the more benign, accepting, and unconditionally loving it is. The evolution of consciousness is the evolution of love and therefore a highly evolved being is the epitome of love and sees only perfection and innocence, meaning liberation from all labels or vanities of limited perception. At the dawning of enlightenment everything radically just is, without anything further needing to be added. All perceptions are surrendered, even seemingly positive and loving labels such as ‘wonderful’, ‘beautiful’, ‘lovely’, etc. which are essentially still just vanities.

Teachings from a Sunset

     To demonstrate, let us take the example of a sunset. One doesn’t even need to label it as ‘gorgeous’, ‘beautiful’, or otherwise captivating because doing so completely limits its true essence. It just is, and needs nothing else projected onto it. In a sense, just let the sunset be without projecting ego limitations of vanity on to it. All opinions are a vanity of projection. One can be in awe without limiting projections, just because we don’t label something as beautiful doesn’t mean we don’t feel it and know it by simply being truly present with the experience. The experience is in no way lacking by not using labels. In fact, it is quite the contrary. By surrendering the vanity of opinions, judgments, and labels there is a profound silence, stillness, and immutable peace that takes precedence. Without projections from ego triggers, meaning energetic cues that are in alignment with the ego’s belief systems, there is peace of mind since all desires are released. Everything stunningly just is and therefore can be appreciated utterly.

The Stubborn Ego

    Nevertheless, the ego loves to project itself onto life and make everything ‘about me’ and thus perceives everything through its theme of awareness that it holds as objective truth. And the ego is very serious in all of this, because it truly believes that its viewpoint and perspective of things is the actual only real and correct way or else it simply wouldn’t have any need to project its vanity to begin with. The ego is very strict in its attachments to its suffering due to its limited awareness. It doesn’t want to let go of its projections and attachments of identity because it is afraid of what will happen to it. Perhaps sensing that it is ultimately an illusion and is therefore fighting its own inevitable demise. The ego loves its suffering because it defines itself through it and thus the idea of letting go of suffering brings a feeling of ‘who/what would I be without my suffering?’ This is the doorway into the true spiritual quest of going beyond suffering and so into the unknown, or more accurately, the rarely known.

      The fear of the unknown is haunting to the ego and is the root of all of its fears. One could think of the ego as a frightened child in a dark room that forgot that at any moment it can turn on the light. Thus it is simply scaring itself and pretending that the fear and limitation is coming from outside itself in order to perpetuate its victimization. This all of course is a silly illusion, for the light is available at any moment it is only a matter of remembering to turn it on. This can only be done if one is dedicated and humble enough to let go of the ego’s defiance and prideful stance on things, e.g. there is no escaping suffering. In this example, the ego’s positionality is that there is no light available and one must suffer the darkness and accept the prevalence of fear, after all, the world is harsh and full of perpetrators and victims… This however is an illusion and strictly a false belief, for in reality the light is available it is only the ego’s limited viewpoint that is saying otherwise. This is simply demonstrating the point that in life, the ego is the positionality of lack, separation, victimization, and fear, while in Reality the ego’s beliefs are completely illusory. There is only abundance, unity, absence of fear, and Self in All, it is only a matter of remembering it, and thus ‘turn on the light’. All suffering is self-created and completely unnecessary just as it is unnecessary to search for something in a dark room without turning on the light. Hence, all suffering is a vanity of narcissism.

Understanding Projections of the Themes of Awareness

   To facilitate comprehension, perhaps think of the themes of awareness as essentially trends of ego projections based on groups of perspectives, values, interests, and overall spiritual awareness that it accepts as the dominant perceptual viewpoint of life. Thus by aligning with the theme of fear the ego perceives the world as full of fear and therefore projects that everything in the ego’s experience is fear based whether its fear of lack, limitation, death, loss, etc. the relevance is the context of fear that is projected into everything. As an example, one goes to work not because they enjoy it but rather because they are afraid of what would happen if they didn’t go such as not having money, not having a home, not having other physical securities, fear of not finding a better job, and inevitably the fear of death. Fear then guides motivation and colors all perceptions. As another example is in relationships this would manifest as perhaps fear of losing the other person, fear of being rejected, fear of being alone, fear of being slighted/cheated, fear of being vulnerable, and so on. Ultimately all fears can be traced back to the fear of death/nonexistence which is the ego’s greatest fear and thus its greatest illusion. Nevertheless, this concept of projection can be applied to all themes of awareness.

      Let us take another example of the theme of willingness/inspiration. Through all activities of life there would be a desire to be proactive, of service, or inspirational. So with work, one goes to work seeking to be as successful as possible, wanting to perfect one’s craft, and ultimately enjoying what it is one does, no matter how trivial the job may be. The joy stems from the willingness itself. In relationships this would manifest as a desire to always be improving the relationship and seeking to more effectively express and share love. And so it is with all the themes of awareness, it is simply a way of understanding that human consciousness aligns within an infinite field of energy, and since thoughts and beliefs are energy, all themes of awareness, or themes of energy, align and go together. Love attracts love, hate attracts hate, there are no victims in the universe.

Radical Humility

     Humility arises by realizing all of life is first of all subjective, and secondly, our opinion is only a opinion not the one and only‘ which then allows for open-mindedness and true progress. As consciousness evolves it eventually becomes completely open and accepting of all opinions and begins to dissolve its many held belief systems and limited perceptions through radical humility. This humility then is perfected through devotion, meditation, conviction, and relentless surrendering, letting go, turning away from, and disinvesting in all arbitrary ego vanities. Nothing is what it could be said to be, all language, all labels are arbitrary and distracting. The true essence of life’s experience is unnamable, beyond words, and beyond categorization. One need only take an oath of silence for an extended period of time to notice that as one becomes uninterested in verbalization, the mind progressively stops thinking in terms of words. Life becomes revealed as the subjective, nonverbal, unadulterated purity of childlike experience of wonder and innocence that it truly is. One need only let go in order to realize that which is obvious. All of life is equally lovable and equally the same without distractions otherwise. All suffering is a result of ignorance, created through narcissism, which is the ego’s vanity. To the awakened there is equal peace amidst tragedy or joy.

Everything is Only a Projection of One’s Inner Reality

     Everything the world offers to us is actually only perceived through our own projections that we agree to. No one can actually dislike us, we can only dislike ourselves, no one can actually love us, we can only love ourselves. Let us take the example of someone being cruel, harsh, or otherwise rude to us. In Reality it has nothing to do with us, it is only a projection of their own disappointment within themselves that they then project onto us. However, it is not actually objectively true, it only has the power that we agree to give it by going along with whatever is being projected. So someone can say we’re worthless all they want it doesn’t have to affect us because it is not actually true, and in fact by knowing that nothing is personal and everything is a projection, we can only have compassion for others who project such things because they’re really projecting that they feel worthless inside.

      Furthermore, when it comes to compliments this too is only a projection and is still not personal. When we compliment or extend love to others what we’re really doing is saying I love myself and thus I naturally project love to you. There is nothing personal in this, it is not the other person that is ‘special’ or otherwise particularly ‘deserving’, once one has awakened to a healthy self-love that love then naturally extends to everyone unconditionally. One has become love rather than it stemming from any external circumstance which is an illusion anyway. All life is only subjective, thus if we desire love, then simply express love and in so doing one subjectively experiences love. Instead, we think well no… I want someone to love me. This of course is impossible and is simply a cunning ego distraction, for even if one’s ‘perfect person’ comes along and fulfills one’s external desires and is the ideal lover it makes no difference because the choice still remains to believe and accept it or not. I can tell you how perfect I think you are and how much I love you but it means absolutely nothing if you don’t agree with it within yourself first. Hence, we can only love ourselves, it is not something that can be given, gained, or otherwise bartered for, it is strictly subjective and within.

Our Cosmic Unity

     As one makes significant progress it becomes increasingly clear that all sense of ‘others’ are in fact an illusion for all is only stemming from the same subjective ‘I-ness’ of existence that is the Self. Thus all existence is subjective and all the same essence, there are no separations in Reality. What this means in practicality is that we control our own experience of life as the purely inner experience that it is. Therefore as we love others we are really only loving Self for by merely expressing love one therefore experiences love as mentioned before, it actually has nothing to do anything external to us. Thus true unconditional love is inexhaustible, immutable, infinite, and eternal as that which is arising from within and is an inner decision. There is no actual ‘out there’, ‘others’, or subject and object relationships. All objective reality is the illusion, there is only subjectivity from which all experience arises. Thus all is radically one, therefore what I do for Self I do for All, and what I do for All I do for Self, for the All and the Self are one and the same. The Father and I are one

    Understanding our subjective unity brings a re-owning of the inner state of control, peace, and transcendence of limited perceptions allowing for a true freedom of expression since there is an innocence restored and thus one’s inner reality is free from limited beliefs of self-disapproval. As we then let go of disapproving of ourselves we then let go of disapproving of others. As we learn to fully accept ourselves with love and forgiveness we then naturally extend that to all others. Once this concept is truly understood, all of life, especially human interactions, becomes radically transformed given its implications.

All of Life is Subjective

   Literally everything human’s do is a projection of one’s inner state and nothing external is ever personal. Everything is arising purely within as a subjective experience and there is no actual objective reality. All of life is subjective and therefore our experience is completely internal and dictated strictly by the belief systems we hold to be true. As consciousness evolves the themes of belief systems become increasingly loving until the point of releasing all limitations as a restoration of innocence and knowingness of our perfection/innocence, that is to say, beyond all belief systems, labels, or conceptualizations. This eventually emerges as a state of being with the world by seeing the Divine within Self and all others as only fellow extensions of the same Self. Thus, realizing the Divine as the very essence of perfect love and unconditionality and one’s eternal, inherent unity with such perfection, brings forth humility, gratitude, and appreciation beyond limit and is truly ineffable.

The Cosmic Play

     We are all capable of actualizing this realization with enough dedication and commitment to the task. It is simply waiting to be realized, just as the actor who only has to remember, ‘oh yeah, this is just pretend/play’. The task is simply to remember to love and accept ourselves completely and let go of all narcissistic attachments to suffering, which we only experience because we’re choosing to. So instead, simply laugh them away, let them go, see them as the preposterous vanities of perception that they are. To recognize peace one must only surrender to that which is incredibly obvious. At which point one can only laugh in joy of the remembrance of the all present bliss that is beyond death, loss, or suffering of any kind. The glory of perfection shines forth as completely familiar as if to have secretly known it was there all along, one was simply pretending to not recognize it. The ego takes joy in this game and thereby denies Truth in order to perpetuate its infatuation with suffering. Suffering becomes addicting because it comes to define the ego as a part of its story of ‘who I am’. All of which is a vanity and limited contextual identity. The entire ego is an illusion, therefore all of its belief systems and projections are entirely limited and false delusions, just as the character an actor is playing is completely artificial and not who the actor truly is. The ego is the actor who forgets the play is not real.

     Therefore, surrendering the ego and thereby transcending suffering is the most rewarding and fulfilling pursuit in life yet few choose to actually set out on this journey of Self-realization. Strangely enough, humanity seems to love its suffering and would rather take its time waking up. So in the meantime for those who go before and lead the way we simply laugh as we watch our unawakened Self continue to play along within the ego’s games of illusion. However, we know that the suffering the ego experiences is not actually real it is only a vanity that is indulged in to consequentially feed the ego’s narcissism and addiction to its suffering. All of which can be readily let go of at any moment, it is only oneself that perpetuates all suffering and projections of lack, limitation, imperfection, disappointment, and loss. Thus compassion is fostered by realizing that the ego’s projections are simply infantile. The majority of humanity is actually quite childish, immature, and silly even though trying to appear on the contrary. The ego is a vainglorious fool performing on the stage of the world. It can only be laughed at, for the whole thing is a joke, a cosmic play of sorts, in which no one actually gets hurt, dies, or suffers. All is equally only the Self and all egos are simply illusions of the game of life in order to fulfill the melodrama of ‘who I am’ according to projections of awareness.

All is the Self

     Nothing in our external circumstances is personal, for there is no objective reality. Nothing is personal, for there is no actual independent, dualistic, personal self to begin with. We are the entire universe, not something separate ‘within’ it. The human ego believes itself to be somehow separate from its Source not realizing that such a notion is an impossibility. Just as we cannot not be a part of the universe, so can we never be separate from the Divine, for the Divine is the very essence of that which we are. The universe is equally everything within it and without which wouldn’t be the same universe, in the same way, Divinity is equally everything within it, that is to say, all existence, the entire universe, and infinite other universes beyond comprehension. We exist within the eternity of perfect love within every moment. We can fight the truth all we want but this is only proves the narcissistic ignorance of suffering, for the truth is only pure love, peace, and happiness.

     All is radically the same ‘I’. All is the same Self, simultaneously everyone yet paradoxically no ‘one’. The Self is all characters, all situations, all angles of perception, and ultimately all Creation ad infinitum. All projections of perception therefore are limitations. For the only true awareness possible is the primordial, immortal ‘I-ness’ of the Divine Self thus encompassing the realization that the Self is All That Is, beyond labels, conceptualization, limited perceptions or belief systems. Radical subjectivity is all encompassing and is the absolution of humility and gratitude to the point of ego dissolution. There is only Love and Innocence, and it is only a matter of deciding to recognize it or not, just as the frightened child remembering to turn on the light. Until then one will be trapped by the ego’s projections of illusion, the nightmare that one need only wake up from. To know the Self one must step into the unknown, that is to let go of suffering…


     Let us ponder these things for now and seek to truly implement the teaching that nothing external is personal. All is only a projection from within and by truly knowing this we are invulnerable and the epitome of self-empowerment because no one can ever hurt us, we can only choose to hurt ourselves. Likewise, no one can ever take love from us, we can only stop loving ourselves. We are the only one’s that dictate our experience of life, all else is a distracting illusion. This realization is capable of awakening profound happiness and joy due to the amazing power within it that is all pervasive, immutable, and invincible. We can allow it to change our lives by being open to it, truly accepting it and applying it completely without reserve. Observe the constant vanity and narcissism of projections, whether in ourselves or others. Notice the fact that literally everything is a vanity of projection and is distracting from the truth of silence that is innately subjective and therefore internal. As we choose to let the world be as it is peace and immutable love become dominant and suffering simply dissolves as the illusion it was the entire time. Go within and let the Self of perfect peace and love be revealed. Remember its all just play. Namaste’

Wishing us Peace and Love always-


29 thoughts on “Understanding Projection – Nothing External is Personal”

  1. Really enjoyed reading this. I, too, wish more people would find love and peace within themselves instead of judging the world through biased eyes.

  2. Matt, when you mention “the evolution of consciousness”, are you talking about “individual” consciousness or “Universal” consciousness…
    I have seen that theme in other works, and I’m not sure “consciousness” needs to evolve since it is Infinite and eternal.
    Could you please elaborate?
    Bruno Devolz

  3. Yes in this case we are referring to the individual consciousness that evolves as an aspect ‘of’ the universal consciousness. Which I say loosely, as perhaps you’ll understand why in a moment. It could be likened unto a particular sunbeam becoming brighter yet it is nevertheless still the entire sun. The sunbeam is the individual, while the sun is the collective that it is comprising. Another analogy is the individual drop of water within the ocean is still technically, equally the entire ocean. In the Bhagavad-Gita Krishna refers to it as the Supersoul and the soul. Or in the Upanishads, the self is being sustained by the Self/Lord of Love which is what the self truly was/is the entire time. All these are depicting the exact same concept of Nonduality.

    So then we could say, the ‘individual’ evolves only to realize that it was technically never an individual to begin with, rather, was an aspect of the Infinite and Eternal as you put it. Recall that ‘enlightenment’ is simply, yet profoundly, the realization of Nonduality, thus consciousness realizes the illusion of duality, separation, or ‘individualism’. One finally evolves to the point of Self-actualization by awakening to the truth that ‘we’ literally are the Infinite and Eternal and there’s never been any separation. All separations are an illusion and as such the journey was actually a hilarious ride only to arrive at that which was obvious the entire time. One can only laugh at any sense of duality that was embraced for so long. The Creator and the created are one and the same. Thus, the ‘individual’ and the ‘universal’ are realized to be one and the same. All ‘personal’ karma has ceased along with all suffering, death, loss, or fear.

    So then where does this lead us, well the exciting part is Consciousness (with a capital C, referring to the ‘Universal’ as you put it) is as you said, Infinite and Eternal, which means its expansion and power of creation is in fact Infinite! Which once we truly ‘get it’ becomes radically profound and incomprehensible in the joy such a realization offers. We are all equally aspects of the Divine Consciousness infinitely expanding and experiencing eternal love and happiness as the Self that we truly are. All is the Self, the Self is All. Hence the creation of the word, Namaste’ to signify honoring this truth of the same Light of Awareness equally within all sentient and conscious beings. 🙂

    Lastly, as the ‘individual’ consciousness evolves it becomes increasingly more loving for the evolution of consciousness is in fact the evolution of Lovingness and Happiness. So that is why it was mentioned before that Divine Consciousness is essentially Infinite, Eternal Love and Happiness without beginning or end. The evolution then is the journey back to realizing the innocence of the childlike wonder and magnificence ‘that IS’. The Infinite and Eternal is ‘Now’ or more accurately, ‘Always/Forever’.
    Hope this provides some clarification.
    Peace and Love always-

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