Going Beyond Religion

In light of a recent discussion about my leaving religion (Mormonism) a couple years ago, I’d like to share some insight on the limitation of religions, especially Christianity to which this writing was originally meant for.

Implications of Professing a Fullness or ‘One and Only’ Way

    The primary limitation that arises from western religions  such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is in the professing that it is the ‘one and only’ true path and church of Divinity or a ‘fullness of the gospel’. Yet to say there is a ‘fullness’ or a ‘one and only true church’ implies that all others are ‘wrong’, lost, confused, or somehow lacking. Such an approach only creates disharmony and an unGod-like love that is not unconditional or accepting of all souls and all paths. History filled with endless bloodshed according to ‘God’s will’ has already demonstrated the effects that this ignorance can have. Mormons specifically even perform baptisms and other ordinances for the dead for pete’s sake, implying that the church’s institution is so true and necessary that they even have to convert the entire world both past and present because without it all souls will be lost while ‘waiting’ in spiritual limbo/paradise. Such a thing has to be the most arrogant, absurd notion ever conjured, however positive an intention it may be based in, for it makes the world totally reliant on the institution which is the source of its manipulation and control. Christianity and others are rather confused when it comes to this concept because they really do believe that their path is the one and only which is just simply narcissistic and immature.

Christ is Not the Only Way

     I remember asking a pastor I was sitting next to during a flight once if he believed that it is only through Christ that anyone can be saved and therefore Krishna, Buddha, and endless other sages and enlightened, saintly beings throughout history have all been delusional and confused because they didn’t find or know the path of Christianity. To somewhat of a surprise, he actually responded with yes that is correct to which I couldn’t help but laugh inside as well as feel so sorry for his misunderstanding and ignorance. If we really step back for a moment and ponder such a response any intelligent person has to see that this is entirely limiting, controlling, exclusive, and just overall preposterous. The religions that preach this belief are so interesting in their remarkable ability to be egotistical and non accepting of other faiths and other divine beings who are entirely loving yet because they are not of the ‘correct’ religion they are ‘lost’. Thus these types of religions all want to say that their church or book or teacher/prophet is the only true one in the world which I can’t help but think is completely close-minded.

Acceptance of Eastern Thought

    Eastern religions on the other hand such as Hinduism, Zen, and Buddhism seem to have a much more accepting view on life and the religions/beliefs are more so a philosophy, radical psychology, and more so focused on consciousness and awareness. They don’t have missionaries for example and have no interest in trying to ‘convert’ anyone because they don’t necessarily imply that their path is the only one rather it is only a path. We can note that according to consciousness research and muscle testing these Eastern beliefs are more profoundly aligned with Absolute Truth/Nonduality in comparison to the decline of the Jewish-Christian-Islamic faiths that are rooted in the ultimate limitation of duality (Hawkins, 1995, 2001). This undoubtedly makes sense based on their unconditionally accepting outlook on the world and more evolved understanding of Nonduality and radical Self-awareness. Nevertheless, all religions have similarities and elements of the same Truth for indeed all Truth is actually singular which is why I believe in the inevitable dissolution of all religions to be replaced by universal Truth in order to unite humanity. Since it is the western religions that seem to cause the most issues let us elaborate more on why and how they can be transcended.

Divine Love

True Unconditional Love as a Way of Being In the World

    For starters, Christ did not come to establish a religion he came to establish a way of living and being within the world but not of it, which is universal and available to us all. Christ taught salvation of humanity through the realization of devotion to a Creator/’the Father’ and the actualization of unconditional love, thus loving all others as self. Instead, religion arose as an institution of control and manipulation of the masses as well as a business (tithing and penance) and a source of segregation and conflict amongst humanity. While the essence of the teachings are wonderful and timeless, the institutional religions themselves only serve a purpose until a soul is brave enough and ready to transcend it and realize its inherited limitations.

    The Mormon church for example was amazing and I am eternally grateful to have been raised under its influence and also grateful to have moved on taking all the lessons and wisdom that it offered. In retrospect, with reflection and psychological analysis, I found that religion is for those who need something else to rely on, support them, and tell them how to be and live, while more radical truth is within, universal, always present, and one realizes as Christ did, the Father and I are one. The mature seeker therefore eventually comes to trust themselves to make up their own mind and access Divinity directly and no longer accepts projections from others of being flawed/sinful or somehow lacking because of not following a particular dogma. Thus the mature seeker adopts a more a well-rounded approach such as studying many different spiritual teachers from varying backgrounds and notices the similarities and the overall emphasis of love which is the core and very essence of Truth.

     As a result, the student then realizes truth is subjective, radically within, beyond attack, unconditional and universal, and therefore there is no longer need for fear of sin, judgment, or condemnation. This understanding is accepting of everyone and everything and relies on confidence and trust in goodness and the love of Divinity. One realizes that all truth is relative to one’s understanding and entirely subjective and therefore all need for control or needing to be told how to serve God is just not necessary. At this point we become brave enough to trust in our own spiritual intuition and no longer focus on the linear world, such as anyone’s religious affiliation, and more so shift to seeing all of life as spiritual and therefore nonlinear and beyond institutions or dualities. It seemed clear to me that this is what Christ intended, to be like Him not worship Him and think we have to ‘earn’, plead, or ‘work for’ His love. God’s love is unconditional and beyond all needs. Truth has no needs or preferences it just is.

Being Humble and Expanding Our Understanding of Divinity

     Another aspect of maturity comes from realizing God is not a man nor subject to any human emotions. Such an outlook seems entirely limiting and once again an arrogant projection of man’s own narcissism. To think God is a man and not a woman is already obviously narcissistic and ridiculous. Such an approach automatically makes women inferior (because the Almighty took the form of a man not a woman implying man was more favorable/powerful) which works perfect when you want to set up a system ruled by men and a ‘priesthood’. But even more importantly to even think God is a human is silly because it’s implying that humanity is the most evolved creature in the universe which seems yet again incredibly arrogant. Although we’ve come along way, humanity’s spiritual evolution is actually still quite rudimentary when seen from an expanded awareness and we notice many humans still behave like a bunch of selfish, ignorant children. We haven’t even figured out how to stop killing each other or unite as the one family that we are without borders or control. We still spend trillions of dollars on mastering ways to defend ourselves from each other and reinforce our segregation. It’s really absurd, and to think we are made in ‘His’ image, please…it’s time to grow up.

Unfathomable Universe

     Humanity needs to be humble and let go of its narcissistic projections (God being human) and accept something beyond itself. There are infinite other lifeforms in this vast universe far more advanced than ourselves and to believe otherwise would seem naive, unintelligent, and  very sheltered. And even if one can’t accept this we can accept that evolution is inevitable and thus eventually homo sapiens will be transcended and a new species will emerge, which some have referred to as homo spiritus/luminous but that’s for another time. For now the most important part is just to accept that we clearly are not the most evolved beings possible. Through this radical humility we let go of dogmatic narcissism and just focus on the essence of love that Christ and all true prophets taught of.

     Eventually this unconditional love and acceptance then becomes the only approach to life and we see we truly are ‘joint heirs’ with Christ as He was trying to teach. ‘Know ye not that ye are Gods…greater things I have done ye shall do…Heaven is within you [us]’. It seems very obvious that Christ was trying to demonstrate that we are equal with Him and capable of the same Self-realization if we follow His example. Also, he was trying to point out there is no where to ‘get to’, eternal happiness and love is right now waiting for us to enjoy rather than some distant future such as after this life. In Mormon scripture Christ says ‘Men [humans] are that they might have joy.’ In reflection on Christ’s teachings it becomes clear we were created to be full of happiness and gratitude for life not full of fear, worrying about religious ‘sin’ and judgements. Christ was trying to remind us of this simple truth that we are all lovable and perfect, all are forgiven, all are accepted. Any admonition about avoiding ‘sin’ was simply teaching of consequence not judgment which are entirely different things and was based in love and helping us be happy by avoiding ignorance, which is the source of all ‘sin’. God is not a judge and has no preferences in what we choose to do with our lives, yet our happiness and fulfillment are a direct result of our intentions which is the notion of karma/consequence that all true teachers from all religions teach of.

Maturity and Moving Beyond Religion

    In my experience as I relentlessly pursued Truth, religion eventually caused more issues and suffering than it healed and by just trusting in unconditional love, inner acceptance beyond judgmentalism, and being free from attachment to any one spiritual path suddenly all of life became worthy of love and appreciation. Again, it seems clear to me that this is the unconditional love Christ and all other sages from all over the world have taught of. We can’t judge ourselves and think we have the fullness of the gospel because we automatically judge others accordingly even if we say we respect other faiths for as I pointed out in the beginning there’s still innately going to be a projection of everyone else somehow lacking.

    On the other hand, humility comes from realizing all true teachers are teachings the same Truth. Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and countless sages and mystics all knew/know the same Truth and conveyed it as best they could according to their ability and alignment. Truth was never meant to turn into segregated religions or a worshipping of the personifications in fact most teachers said something to the effect of “make no images of me.” The truly illumined know the body is irrelevant and simply a vessel of communication of the invisible contextual awareness and true Self within. Likewise, it eventually becomes clear that spiritual truth is pointing out Divinity is All That Is not just certain things as deemed by controlling authority figures. All dualities are a limitation and illusion.

Blessing of the Liberated Lotus

    We all are equally Divine, we don’t need religion to tell us that, we can know it for ourselves which requires confidence and bravery to challenge our programmed belief systems and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Trust in the those that have gone before helps us foster conviction and hope that the liberated, immortal love that awaits us is beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Indeed, this is so. Thus, to truly evolve and mature we must be open-minded and not be attached to religious affiliation which constricts our true, full expression of love for life and causes segregation. It is important to realize Truth is universal and not bound by religion and has no preferences, needs, or desire for control, it is liberating, unconditionally accepting, and innately full of love, peace, and happiness. All things of Truth have innate to them the essence of harmony and divine unity. Within such a realization all negativity is forever released for there is no longer any projections of ever being ‘wrong’. In fact, we realize we are eternally right and are always lovable, perfect, and completely innocent and thus see the world in the same light. As I unconditionally love myself I love all others for all others are in fact my Self. I hope someday everyone will understand this so that humanity will love each other and be free from all suffering.

Wishing us peace and love always-



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