Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: Awakening to Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance, and Courage (Part 2/2)

Fear of the Unknown

     The primary obstacle that presents itself through the entire journey from this point on is fear of the unknown. When we choose to let go of attachment to the familiar (suffering) we then have to embrace the fear of the unknown that is beyond our attachments, even if it is ironically only gorgeous love and happiness that awaits us. It was noticed that while immersed in the darkness, fear wasn’t necessarily a concern because one lives in such constant fear that one has learned to love it and become addicted to it as a way of hiding within it. Ironically, it was more comfortable to embrace and love suffering and sadism then embrace forgiveness, happiness, and benevolence, thus demonstrating the attachment to ignorance.

     As we begin the climb out of illusion and accept consequence there arises initial deep fear of being aligned to go to Hell. However, this fear of consequence can be avoided and bypassed by realizing there is no judgment only consequence and the fact that one is afraid of consequence already demonstrates one’s alignment with love and positive potential. One cannot be afraid of going to Hell unless one is aware of some other greater potential that is more favorable. Thus, we can cunningly utilize this initial fear that is triggered by realizing the fact that we are afraid is profound growth in and of itself. Along with this, we can realize how courageous and amazing we truly are simply because we’re trying, and can utilize this knowledge as a source of lovingness and self-encouragement/empowerment. You are so courageous, powerful, and amazing for even reading this right now, you are truly loved beyond measure as the divinely perfect soul you are.

Maintaining Hope and Optimism

     Hope and optimism can then be established by knowing that if one is consistently putting forth effort and seeking improvement the consequence of that powerful intentionality is already guaranteeing a brighter future. We can be proud of ourselves that we are working through our karma/level of conscious awareness and seeking to grow in happiness and love. We can find immense joy in reveling in the fact that we’re even on the path no matter where we’re starting. The greatest source of self-esteem in all of life comes from realizing Truth and therefore it is important to learn to honor and love ourselves, for even being devoted to Truth to begin with is an astoundingly impressive ‘event’ in the universe. To simply hear of Truth is a profound gift let alone having the courage to align with its pursuit and revelation.

     By aligning ourselves with acceptance of innocence/naiveté, forgiveness, and the willingness to rise out of ignorance, Divinity will provide us with all that is necessary to do so. These blessings of guidance may come in an infinite variety of forms all we have to do is be open to noticing and receiving them. Indeed, Divinity is with us always guiding and providing for us, it is only a matter of realizing the love that is all around. Just as the sun unconditionally shines on the earth providing love and nurturance for life, so it is with Divinity unconditionally loving and providing for all existence and everything we could ever need.

     With the acceptance of spiritual reality all of life’s events become seen as opportunities to learn and grow from, which becomes the reward in itself. The joy that comes from awakening to Truth and healing our karma/ignorance is the most fulfilling pursuit in all of existence. Therefore, it cannot be taken for granted the fact that one has been given the gift of life along with the ability to be self-aware thus allowing for invaluable eternal/spiritual evolution and growth. Human beings have the rare ability of self-awareness and intentionality through the development of the intellect and therefore are able to seek salvation, Heaven, and enlightenment, which are unparalleled gifts in the entire universe. Thus it seems it would be foolish to squander the opportunity through the selfishness of misery and suffering. One is only hurting oneself by denying the love and happiness that is always present and available within and need only be accepted and realized. Furthermore, by releasing the fallacy of judgment and accepting consequence of intentions one can rise with courage knowing that one is capable of anything by aligning with Divinity and it is only a matter of one’s willingness, trust, and faith.

     Therefore, trust in Divine goodness to see us through all things and without a doubt it shall be so. For Divinity’s infinite grace shines equally on all that call upon Divine Love no matter what name or image. It is the essence of one’s love and devotion to a Divine Creator of Infinite Lovingness that is relevant and names and rituals are completely insignificant. It is the context of surrender, devotion, and dedication to a Higher Power that is relevant and meaningful. It may be helpful to focus upon the truth that life is spiritual and energetic in Reality and that one is a spiritual being having an experience as a human being rather than a human being having spiritual experiences. With these truths clearly understood and accepted the climb out of darkness and into the light can begin.

Divine Love

Taking it Slow

     In the beginning of developing the self-esteem and truly remembering one’s innate goodness and rightness it is important to take it slow with plenty of support through unconditional love coming from oneself and others. One must start with small goals and accomplishments with minimal risks or vulnerability from failure. Anger and frustration can be best surrendered by realizing it’s perfectly normal and to be expected to have setbacks and upsets in life as part of the growing and evolving process. There is no one to pass judgment and therefore no reason to become self-condemning, only simply accept what has occurred and realign intentionality with continued effort and progress. Mistakes can best be looked at as opportunities to learn and grow rather than seen as defeats or failures. Remember it is the fact that one is on the path and trying that is most important and all judgments otherwise are simply not true. Remember anytime judgment surfaces it is best to be immediately discarded as the temptation of vanity that it is and replaced with forgiveness and love. When in doubt always surrender any obstacles to Love.

     It is worth noting that there is no particular order that temptations may present themselves and their themes spread throughout various aspects of human life. Although the evolution of self-identity seems like a straight forward, linear process with sequential steps, the themes of awareness may express themselves at various different times throughout periods of life or even in a particular day. However, there will always be an energetic theme that is dominant the majority of one’s experience and serves as the overall contextual identity in which all experiences of life are held within.

Fear and Desire

     Nevertheless, progress is then driven either out of fear, desire, or both. When fear emerges as a motivator it stems from the fear of negative consequences or judgment. Yet, as mentioned before judgment must be completely abandoned first and foremost. Next we can remember that there is no need to fear if we are aligned with positive intentions and at least seeking. It is our alignment with even trying that already provides security, comfort, forgiveness, and positive consequence. Therefore we can release fear of consequence as well in order to focus more so on desire for growth and development. Desire focuses on ‘saving’ oneself and obtaining peace of mind by aligning our life with lovingness, happiness, forgiveness, and devotion to Divinity as love in order to guarantee positive consequences. Accordingly, the desire for self-development arises and one seeks to build a healthy self-esteem and self-respect. However, with desire comes the fear of loss and craving for more, which leads to possible temptations of anger, grief, and pride.

Transcending Pride and Desire

     As pride builds through acquiring a sense of ‘righteousness’, power over others, inflated self-esteem, materialism, or any other ‘love’ object, there eventually comes fear of loss. Pride is the accumulation of a false sense of self or in other words, false security and confidence and is limited and fleeting. Pride is subject to inevitable loss because it is external in nature whereas true self-esteem and confidence is internal and invulnerable. Thus when loss arises or even fear of loss, we then suffer anxiety, grief, anger, and regret as a result. The loss of our desirable attachment (pride) serves as a direct insult to our sense of self and thus we may become enraged or despondent from the event.

     All of these negative emotions can be released and transcended by realizing they are based on an illusory sense of self that was created by the desire itself. It is only the desire and attachment to our ‘self-defining’ object that then triggers all the concordant emotions regarding its gain or loss. It is the strong attachment to the sense of identity coming from the desire that causes all anger, grief, anxiety, and suffering and thus all negative emotions are only self-created. For all things of the world that are desired and attached to, the answer to this is simple, none of it defines us in the slightest degree and is only an illusion as such. For all things of the world shall inevitably pass and are completely irrelevant, therefore to be attached to anything of the world of form as one’s sense of self could only be the result of ignorance and unawareness. What we truly are is infinitely beyond the world of form and is formless and eternal in nature.

     In terms of a more spiritually aligned desire we can transcend the negative emotional reactions by immediately remembering the truth of Divine’s compassion, forgiveness, and our eternal innocence. Even when experiencing a ‘dark night of the soul’ in which one reaches an absolute low of hopelessness and possibly even suicide ideation, the only possible salvation comes from surrendering to Divine Love and our intrinsic rightness. Whenever spiritual desires fall short or we suffer a regression into narcissistic, victimizing states, we need only to immediately forgive ourselves, surrender to Divine Love, and then look forward with hope and faith. The act of surrendering control to Divine Will innately has miraculous power to shift consciousness into high realms of peace, optimism, hope, and faith as was experienced several times throughout this particular journey.

     There is absolutely nothing beneficial from dwelling on loss or seeming failures. Again, there is no judgment only consequence, thus to dwell on failure would only align oneself with more failure. The more wise decision then would be to accept a loss for what it is, a learning opportunity for maturity and in so doing one aligns with love, forgiveness, and growth. ‘I forgive myself and see that I am stronger/wiser because of the experience’ becomes a useful reminder to then shift us into an empowered position in order to focus on growth and self-compassion. Furthermore, this transcends all possible anger, grief, regret, or sense of loss for there is only positive growth that emerges. Therefore one can look forward with hope and then simply realign with love and optimism.

Trust in Divine Love

Having Faith and Trust

     No matter how much struggle that is encountered along the way we can take peace knowing we are perfect in our perceived imperfections and all is exactly as it should be in order to provide the most optimal growth and evolution. It may be helpful to know the truth that it is not the circumstances of life that determine our happiness and fulfillment but our relationship to them and perceptions that we indulge in. Thus in the face of ‘failure’ we can choose to only look at that which can be learned instead of focusing on anything else that would seek to demean ourselves. There is no truth to self-deprecation and therefore it can be best bypassed by realizing it is a fallacy that only hinders our growth.

     We are perfect and lovable beyond judgment at all times and all places and anything that teaches otherwise is a fallacy based in illusion, control, fear, and unawareness. We are divine beings and as such are capable of infinite wonder and magnificence. Therefore, align with truth of eternal Divine Love as that which is self-existent and always present beyond all attack or doubt, immortal in happiness and serenity. Through constant intentions for improvement, lovingness, and devotion to Truth all obstacles shall be overcome and all struggle will be transcended with Divine’s infinitely loving guidance and grace. Divine Love is always with us and we are never alone. Therefore, awaken with courage and accept the power that we hold within ourselves to create our own destiny.


Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

     Ponder and contemplate these things if so inspired and let its truth ripen into understanding of self-compassion and love. The primary ‘goal’ while stuck in these more destructive/negative themes is to reach the transition point of self-honesty, sincere commitment to improvement, and a restoration of one’s innocence. It is important to realize we are forgiven within every moment and there is no need to dwell on mistakes, or ‘sin’. The greatest temptation that arises during the climb out of darkness is to do exactly that, feed the narcissism of self-loathing and defeatism that is the ego’s favorite game of victimization.  My heart is overwhelmed with compassion for all of us who have been misled by such seductions of limiting beliefs and it is my sincerest hope that I can offer my life in service to helping others see the perfection and divine beauty that we really are. I love you always and forever and wish you everything you could ever desire in life. May we walk on a blissful path.



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