Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: Awakening to the Salvation of Unconditional Love (Part 3/3)

Salvation is Unconditional Love

     Unconditional love is the level of salvation, which is the freedom of being completely forgiven and liberated from all negativity/ignorance/’sin’, and its energy field is truly Heaven within. There is nothing that can possibly affect us and all is seen with an equal eye. Everything is lovable and everything is seen as divinely perfect, there is no guilt ever possible again. There can be no more resistance, all is forgiven, all is accepted, all is finally understood as the projection of Self. (Recall, how we perceive the world is only a projection of our self-perception) The heart chakra is consistently full of energy and it often times feels like the chest is going to burst with love, ecstasy, and jubilation. There is an outpouring of gratitude, joy, and eternal happiness as one has truly actualized the state of unchanging infinite love. As unconditional love becomes a permanent state of being one embodies a saintly energy and is constantly emulating loving frequencies of peace and harmony to all of life regardless of if it seems to be the most ‘tragic’ or the most ‘blessed’. It is the ultimate state of Grace for all of life is loved without measure or possible restraint. Love becomes clearly only an inner reflection and therefore all are known by the presence of love.

Relationships of Unconditional Love and Transcending Passivity

     Likewise, relationships based in unconditional love are pure and unfailing and are not dependent on conditions and requirements. There are no longer limitations or qualifications to one’s love and devotion and thus our partner is truly seen as perfect in every way at all times. All aspects of our partner are loved and accepted, for we love and accept ourselves, including all our, and therefore others’, perceived ‘imperfections’, which are really what makes us perfect. We cannot ‘fall out of’ unconditional love for to do so would be a fallacy and such a relationship was never based in ‘love’ and was actually reflective of infatuation or otherwise possessiveness. Unconditional love does not deal with the illusions of ‘in-loveness’ or any other glamorization of what ‘love’ is supposed to be such as a sweeping emotion. It is more so a way of being with the world and enjoying its infinite spectrum of possibilities with a radical, nonjudgmental acceptance and appreciation. However, it is worth mentioning that this love is extended to ourselves as well and thus we must respect our own feelings regarding situations in life and relationships. The primary lesson to be learned when exploring the novel energies of unconditional love is mastering the gift of discernment and empowerment and thus not falling into the temptations of passivity.

     For example, just because everything is viewed as perfect and unconditionally lovable does not necessarily mean we become passive and allow ourselves to be abused, mistreated, or otherwise taken advantage of. We must at all times always extend love to self first and respect our intuitions and feelings and take action accordingly. Often the struggle with unconditional love is comprehending its nature and how to live it because it seems passive at first due to its radical appreciation (e.g. appreciating the beauty of suffering). However, this can best be bypassed by remembering to always extend compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love to self first and then as a result those qualities are then emulated to others in due course, which is the only way it ever can be shared.

     Remember, no one/thing can ‘give’ us love, no one/thing can ‘teach’ us truth, no one/thing can ‘make’ us happy,  no one/thing can ‘help’ us find ourselves, it is always only an internal realization and decision. The external world is simply a facilitator of inspiration, yet the actual realization comes solely from within, i.e. love. Love and happiness are internal subjective states thus they cannot be altered by the external world, that is unless we give our power away to it. The world only has the power over us that we let it have. Well knowing this, lets take it back where it belongs, within us! We must always unconditionally love ourselves in order to not be taken advantage of or otherwise passively mistreated or misguided. All things of love and freedom are based in truth, all things based in negativity, control, or otherwise limiting are false, which is to say, based in ego delusion. Intuition and inner honesty are always significant tools to be used to align us with the greatest love for all which is in fact only what is best for us. Follow the heart always and there can be no possible error. Have faith, trust yourself, and know that all will be provided and we will always be guided to exactly where we’re supposed to be and do exactly what we are supposed to do.

Salvation of Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love as the Greatest Service

     Unconditional love brings with it a profound constant rate of happiness as we learn to adjust to the state and trust our intuitions and knowing when it is appropriate to express our love. Indeed, one of the major adjustments that took place was trying to understand how to express the state to others and realizing that its expression is not necessarily always as one would suspect. True love is not bound by peculiarities, labels, or a specific identity and thus can appear to others as seemingly anything from completely harsh and rude to completely comforting and soothing, all of which are simply a projection of an egoic limited perspective. In Reality everything is perfect love beyond all attachments to appearances/form and therefore a being that has awakened unto salvation has rediscovered this and thus embodies true liberation because there is no longer any judgments regarding how life ‘should be’ or how love is ‘supposed’ to appear. Unconditional love has finally been realized as that which is purely subjective and ‘within’ and thus is entirely non-attached to external expressions or outcomes.

     Thus to awaken to salvation is to awaken to the radical truth that there is in fact nothing other than love in the universe, all is love, all is divine, all is perfect. Accordingly one has found the eternal spring of eternal happiness that has been so elusive to humanity since its beginning, the irony of course, is that it was within us the entire time. The ego projects its salvation outside of itself thus missing the point entirely and making itself powerless and a victim – its favorite role. So to transcend the ego is to stop searching externally and instead follow the trail back to the Source…Within. Go within and start knocking on the door.

Infinite Love and Appreciation

Adjustments and Clarifications

     At first there was a natural inclination to want to love everyone and everything and even exclaim it to the world. However, this quickly will be seen to actually frighten, repel others, or leave them confused. Thus unconditional love is often silent and invisible which is fine since our inner reality of pure love and peace is actually never personal. True Love is not personal, it is only the ego that seeks for it to be otherwise. For example I love you infinitely and abundantly not because I care how you feel about it or because I want you to somehow get something from it (attached to an outcome), I love you simply because it is what I enjoy and what I have become. It is simply me being me. My infinite love, happiness, and fulfillment is not dependent on you or anything in the world, you may even hate me for such love, so be it, it doesn’t matter. All reactions to our embracing of our perfection and love is only a projection of others and almost all  negativity stems from subconscious ego jealously and fear. Thus, one seated in unconditional love understands this and thus says, “I forgive you because you know not what you do…” Unconditional love, loves just for the sake of it for there is no other option anymore. Once realized it is almost impossible to go back, although I suppose there are always exceptions (e.g. the fallen guru/Lucifer).

     It is comforting to remember that although we may not be able to externally express the state to others we are nevertheless still influencing all of humanity and the world through the collective field of consciousness. Our spiritual devotion, and therefore devotion to love and happiness, is the greatest service we could render to the world, whether this is ever publically shared is irrelevant; the service is nonlinear and all encompassing. Thus we seek salvation or enlightenment not for its gain but simply because of the love and devotion to Truth. Our surrendered faith and trust is the reward in and of itself for Truth is completely self-fulfilling and indeed is the greatest source of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment in the entire universe. There simply is no comparison.

     To be a servant of Truth is to enjoy the most divinely blessed life imaginable for we reveal humanity’s true destiny as beings capable of enjoying infinite and eternal love, happiness, and fulfillment. All we have to do is accept it for ourselves. And as we begin to do so we find the only thing standing in our way is the vanity of the ego struggling to hold on to its attachments to suffering and victimization/powerlessness and therefore resisting our own love for Self. It’s ironic that it’s very hard to love ourselves, thus we respect our ‘enemy. The ego is cunning, sophisticated, and highly reinforced. Yet its power is limited, weak, and in fact not power at all, its power is only borrowed, or perhaps more appropriate, conned/manipulated, because it is only power that we let it have. We are the only ones that trap ourselves in egoic misery and suffering, yet the beauty of this is that we can change it in an instant. Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around. Salvation or enlightenment may take lifetimes or an instant, the choice is purely up to us. All we have to do is stop giving away our power and remember to love ourselves and enjoy life as the infinitely creative, divine beings that we are. For it is our happiness and passions of love and creativity that are our greatest gifts to the world. To be full of love, happiness, joy, elation, gratitude, service, and devotion/praise is to know Truth.

Salvation of Unconditional Love

The Energy of the Miraculous and the Source of Healing

     Unconditional love is an extremely powerful level of conscious awareness and has the ability to make great shifts in other’s experience just by being in its presence. This phenomenon is often experienced by others becoming extremely happy, care free, or otherwise released from a current karmic/ego stagnation just by being around a being who is emulating such a love and peace. Unconditional love is the energy of the miraculous and that of true, radical healing and recovery, such as the therapeutic anonymous groups (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous). Unconditional love heals and transforms by removing the barriers of attachment that hinder us from making progress due to ego resistance. The being of this energy holds open the door for others to come and join in the basking of true happiness and peace. All must choose for themselves however, unconditional love can only be offered, never forced.

Subjective Contextual Awareness

    Nevertheless, true love doesn’t even have to be externally expressed, especially in any particular way; rather it is the power of the energy field of consciousness (nonlinear realm) that is significant. In other words, it is the silent transmission of unconditional love that is most influential to others in one’s life as well as the entire world and universe. Again, unconditional love is a subjective contextual awareness and way of being rather than an actual, noun, verb, or any other form of conceptualization or content based expression. It may be helpful to realize it is more so an awareness or context in which we view life rather than any sort of content, such as expression in some particular ego defined way. Examples are when something ‘loving’ happens and we attribute the love to the content which is a total ego misperception. Sometimes the most loving content is actually the most destructive, negative experience spiritually/psychologically (e.g. false gurus, con men, demagogues). You see the ego focuses on content and therefore is more so concerned with image and appearances of things, whereas, the truly unconditional loving know that sometimes truth may seem absolutely rude, hurtful, or offensive to others (the ego). Again, this doesn’t matter because it’s never taken personally and it’s known that all negativity is only an egoic perception, no exceptions. All negativity is of the ego and not of Truth.

Salvation of Unconditional Love

Praying for Our ‘Enemies’

     With these truths in mind it may also be beneficial to meditate or pray for others as an extension of our love for all and providing an offering up of the truth that all is in fact radically perfect. Thus we pray for others to see the light for all can only learn to see for themselves. Yet we always know all journeys are perfect, no matter how atrocious or contradicting it may seem it is all only of love, and inevitably will lead back home. This offering could be done at any time throughout the day just by simply reflecting on the truths that all are innocent, all are lovable, all are perfect, and all are Divine. These truths carry with them powerful energy signatures that help influence all of humanity. Simply meditating on these truths has been proven to have the ability to reduce crime and elevate the levels of peace in the immediate area one is meditating in as well as uplifting the entire Collective. This power of unconditional love and peace is only magnified by aligning with others on similar levels of awareness thereby contributing power through combined intentionality and expanded contextual awareness.

Love Attracts Love, ‘Like Goes With Like’

     Furthermore, it can be noticed that as one constantly aligns with unconditional love, life then attracts more people, places, and things that reflect a similar awareness and clarity of appreciation. As the understanding becomes perfected all of life eventually becomes a reflection of love as like energy attracts like energy. Thus, not only does our inner reality become filled with unchanging happiness and love, there also tends to be a matching external reality as well that only perpetuates the state with ease and serenity. The evolution of consciousness to the point of unconditional love is certainly possible by anyone with enough dedication, devotion, and perseverance to its actualization. At first all opposition to its actualization will arise but as resistance is surrendered it becomes natural, effortless, and incredibly self-fulfilling. Furthermore, by having proper teaching provided it allows for it to become self-evident as that which is only natural, innate, and inherent to our existence. It is our divinely given right to be eternally happy and full of infinite love, don’t listen to anything that tells us otherwise for it is only a lie. Suffering, guilt, and any sort of negativity is never based in Truth, there are no exceptions. Thus we let it arise and then simply let it go as the illusion and egoic temptation that it is.

Salvation of Unconditional Love

Final Clarification

     One clarification regarding proper understanding of unconditional love is that we often seek to love the ‘tragic’, ‘unlovable’, or ‘suffering’. This however in itself is a clever fallacy and a barrier to unconditional love because it is the perception of ‘negativity’ that is missing the point. This can be bypassed by remembering that all are innocent and perfect and only simply confused and unaware, yet it is still love. All notions or labels of ‘unlovable/negative’ are in themselves the source of fallacy. The fact that anything or anyone exists is already reason enough to unconditionally love all, for all are only expressions of Divinity. The point is to surrender all labels or judgments other than perfection and thus realize that all ‘tragedy’ is just as perfect and full of divine splendor as all that is ‘blessed’. As said previously, let ‘negativity’ arise then let it go, the key is releasing attachment to labeling/judgment and therefore not taking anything personally.

The Gift of Life

   We can also remember that life itself is a gift and thus we choose unconditional love simply because we are alive and so, in a sense realize, ‘who am I to judge this gift otherwise’. To truly realize that life itself is being given and sustained in every moment by Divinity is reason enough to be full of love and gratitude for every moment that life gets to be experienced. Understanding this level of gratitude seems to be the most helpful in actualizing unconditional love because it bypasses labeling or putting forth effort to love the ‘negative’. It is easier to simply realize that all are equally lovable because they exist, same as us, others due to naiveté just seem to overlook this astounding fact of our Divinely given existence and thus fall into the temptations of ego narcissism/‘negativity’. Therefore, unconditional love can be realized by remembering that all are only doing what they think is best and therefore all are innately innocent at all times and all places regardless of appearances. Unconditional love then is a way of being with the world as an all-encompassing perspective and restored vision of compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation, and love for all of life. Heaven is realized within us. All searches for love and happiness have ended.

Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

     Ponder and contemplate these things if so inspired and let it ripen into understanding and realization of unconditional love. Accept that to even be interested in such things is already incredibly impressive and beautiful, only demonstrating your greatness. We mustn’t be afraid of our light, it is okay to embrace the love for life, it is okay to love ourselves, it is okay to embrace the Salvation that is waiting for all of us to enjoy. As we do so we find plenty of opposition will arise, that’s fine, we don’t have to let it faze us, we just keep pushing forward and as we do so our reward is infinite. And there will always be the support we need, we are never alone, and there is nothing given to us that we can’t handle. Accept your greatness, believe in yourself, and have faith to empower you through all things! The abundance of love and blessings waiting to be bestowed upon us are vast beyond comprehension. We are here to be full of love and light, we are meant to be happy and joyous. Love thyself and be free.

Loving you and wishing us peace always and forever-



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