Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: The Mind and ‘Co-Creation’ (Part 3/3)


The following are excerpts taken from The Liberated Lotus: Awakening Eternal Happiness regarding the nature of the mind, transcending the sophisticated intellectual and spiritual ego, and letting go of attachment to ‘co-creation’.

How are we to comprehend this idea that the mind is impersonal and not an independent identity reflecting true reality?

     By realizing that all of the mind’s projections, editorializing, judgments, and sense of being ‘real’ as an independent existing entity are the illusion. Absolutely everything the mind ‘thinks’ is not coming from any personal-self identity but rather from a limited perspective and degree of awareness and is impersonal. At any given moment the mind is infinitely limited due to its inherently, flawed perceptual viewpoint. The mind is a pawn and a function of consciousness to communicate rather than an actual dualistic identity. There is no ‘thinker’ of thoughts.

    The mind is not personal and is simply reflecting energy patterns within consciousness that then get confused as coming from an illusory sense of ‘I’ as ‘my’ thoughts. It would be like claiming that we are the clouds when we are really the sky. The sky is impersonal to, nonattached, and unconditionally present with the clouds that simply pass within it. In the same way, letting go of attachment to thinking led to the realization of the quality of consciousness as the observer/witness that observes the mind and is aware of the thoughts that arise within it and therefore is beyond all thoughts as their a priori substrate for recognition and existence. This sense of self and awareness seemed to be eternally still, immutable, and unconditionally present and further confirmed the sense of an observer/witness that had previously been intuited, especially over the years of traveling.

     With transcendence of attachment to the mind’s illusions, unconditional love was realized to be the natural state of being since there was no longer investment into the projections of judgment from the mind’s vanity that distracted from the stillness of the observer. Within the stillness, peace shines forth as life is not limited through labeling and opinionating. Everything radically just is and therefore is beyond the need for anything otherwise. All of life is realized to be already completed and perfect in every moment. Meanwhile the intellectual ego gains its power from the investment in its thoughts as if they are coming from a ‘me’ and that they are ‘mine’ and therefore worthy of attention. However, as one masters the ‘art of observation’ and concentration one realizes that the mind is an impersonal ‘it’ rather than anything else.

     As awareness of the observer/witness of life became more dominant, the mind and body steadily became viewed as impersonal ‘its’ and were often referred to as ‘the’ body/vessel or ‘the’ mind. Thoughts were seen as ‘a/the thought(s) is arising’ rather than ‘I think’ or ‘my thought’. Likewise, feelings were reported as arising impersonally, such as ‘there is a feeling of impatience arising’ rather than ‘I’m impatient’, or ‘I’m feeling’, or ‘I feel’. Through monitoring semantics it facilitated proper communication and healing through nonattachment. With the attachment to the mind released, there was a freedom to love all simply based on existence, thus beyond all possible vain indulgences of opinion or fluctuation. One associates with context (the observer) rather than content (thinkingness).

Transcending the Mind and Co-Creation

What was the importance of a teacher and the necessity for proper, advanced teaching?

     Towards the end of this period exposure to Dr. Hawkins’ teachings awakened the consciousness to a fullness of Truth that seemed to go beyond the mind and spiritual ego and move towards the realms of consciousness as the observer/witness and beyond. This was significant because without the necessary guidance for further growth consciousness would have been extremely content at this point in evolution and wouldn’t have felt a need to continue. This was because within the theme of salvation/unconditional love there was an extremely high, constant rate of happiness and inner peace; therefore there would have been no reason to continue evolving since it was quite lovely as it was.

   As the ego mind became tamed it resulted in incredible peace and empowerment beyond anything previously imagined. There was absolutely no longer a sense of being a victim of the world and in fact consciousness was becoming paradoxically self-aware and could readily program and control the mind with whatever intention desired. The ego mind was becoming easier to clearly observe and therefore detach from and was often laughed at due to its insane delusions of limited perception and judgment. Laughing at the ego was found to be one of the greatest ways to weaken its sense of power and control because the ego particularly dislikes humiliation and loss of investment/pride. Lack of humor is a sign of an embedded ego whereas abundance of humor arises out of humility and Truth. All of life is Divine’s humor and play.

     The biggest barrier that arose was in transcending the teachings of ‘co-creation’ and without the help of a true teacher of enlightenment would have been impossible. The established ego cannot transcend itself, thus the necessity for a teacher who has gone before is well known to the sincere seeker. As discussed, eventually the spiritual ego/will as a ‘co-creator’ was identified as being an illusion from limited teachings and through review of Dr. Hawkins’ writings came the realization that Divine Essence is the only Creator and doesn’t need any help. Divinity is formless and therefore infinitely beyond form and therefore has no interest in manipulating it. Form/the created has no power in and of itself, it is more so an effect; it is simply raw matter and is only given life and power through the intervention of consciousness and subjective context. All power comes from context not the content alone, the human of itself is nothing without the illumination of the Self. Furthermore, the soul itself is an extension/expression of Divinity/Self rather than a separate, dualistic self or ‘co’ anything. In Reality there is only Nonduality with no separation, duality, or causality possible.

Transcending the Mind and Co-Creation

Could you clarify the limitations of duality and causality?

     As a clarification, conscious intention through concentration of the spiritual will does in fact align manifestation out of the infinite potentiality via invitation and consent; the fallacy however, is in claiming the power as a result of causality and therefore a personal self. From a higher perspective the will is eventually realized to be impersonal as well. All causality is an illusion, for in Reality there are no separations such as ‘self’ or ‘others’, ‘this’ or a ‘that’, or ‘in here’ and ‘out there’. The Self is beyond all dualities, time, space, or location.

     The popular spiritual teachings of today are teaching that it is oneself that creates with God or ‘as’ God. This is a clever half-truth, yet is obviously based in duality for the very core of the concept is regarding being a co-creator with Divinity and is still strengthening a separate ego self. In truth we are one with Divinity yet there is paradoxically no ‘one’ left at that point and thus any sense of doing, thinking, or intending/‘creating’ would have accordingly dissolved into the Divine Paradox. Therefore if the sense of a personal self-will persists then the ego is still present. The personal self becomes the ultimate attachment at this point as a divine creator itself, which is a complete arrogance and delusion of misunderstanding and although it may lead to empowerment and acceptance it certainly does not lead to enlightenment.

     Divinity is the only Creator and all notions of a dualistic self are the illusion, limitation, and fallacy. The manifestation of All That Is has no power of itself, it is more so an ‘effect’, and does not exist separate from Divinity, which is the Self, this will be clarified as we continue. This was only possible to realize through proper teaching of enlightenment, clarified primarily by Dr. Hawkins as well as Lord Krishna and Gautama the Buddha. In order to continue evolution there had to be a release of this temptation of duality in order to align with enlightenment as the complete surrender of the personal self-will, attachment to the body/mind, and the world.

     Enlightenment can only occur through absolute dedication, devotion, and intentional alignment/invitation to the final surrender of all sense of control as a separate dualistic self from Divinity. One must surrender one’s life completely over to God only to realize that there never was a separate ‘someone’ to surrender. The actual awakening of enlightenment therefore is only realized by Divinity Itself, for with enlightenment there is no longer an illusory dualistic self separate from Divinity. Therefore it is only Divinity that can take the final step into enlightenment. Nonduality reveals itself as encompassing of All That Is and paradoxically beyond – Infinite and Supreme.

Transcending the Intellectual and Spiritual Ego

The Intellectual and Spiritual Ego

     With confidence also came the temptation of pride and one major downfall at this stage of development was the constant reinforcement of the intellectual and spiritual ego/will. This wasn’t fully understood and transcended until the final stages of conscious evolution leading up to enlightenment at which point one realizes that all dualistic identification is the illusion itself. It seemed that this concept that there is no personal self must be ‘prepped for’ and looked at from the highest perspective possible otherwise it can to lead to confusion and misunderstanding, such as passivity or detachment.

     During the latter half of this time period, through the power of the will, the self became a ‘master of the universe’ and completely learned to tame and master the mind. This took incredible dedication and persistent study of psychology, metaphysics, and the nature of the mind and the subconscious. Essentially it involved years of knowledge in psychology as well as absolute concentration and mental observation at all times. With the mastering of the mind it became easily programmable and through conscious intentionality was capable of manifesting desired realities through the process of potentiality becoming manifest. By study into the fields of quantum physics, psychology, metaphysics, and a period of occult and astral interest, the self fully accepted that it was a ‘co-creator’ with God. There was constant focus upon thought monitoring, ‘creating reality’, and the power of manifestation through the ‘law of attraction’.

     There was a sense of being limitless and able to ‘create’ anything that the will wanted through the controlled power of conscious intention and programming of the mind. This actually seemed to be true and indeed, the self, the girlfriend, and other spiritual friends became quite proficient at aligning desired realities that were beyond any possible explanation. Carl Jung referred to this phenomenon as ‘synchronicity’ in that seemingly random, coincidental, or impossible events unfold in accordance with one’s unconscious or conscious intentional alignment. In Truth, there are no accidents, coincidences, mistakes, errors, random events, or anything other than divine perfection in the universe. Everything does indeed happen for a ‘reason’ as a result of consequence and is karmically aligned according to absolute perfection; the universe is entirely interconnected as one infinitely intricate harmony of perfect expression.

     Learning to recognize synchronicity/serendipity was representative of high states of awareness and recognizing the power of the observer in which consciousness is seemingly able to influence the field of potentiality by conscious control of thoughts and intentions. In other words, consciousness becomes the master of the mind and focuses on taming it and perfecting its abilities in order to influence the overall field of consciousness by programming the mind with only intentions of love and service. The mind then becomes a proficient tool for ‘creation/manifestation’ and there is a sense of being equal with Divinity. Life was viewed as a game in which consciousness can manifest its own reality with enough effort/energy, concentration, and programming of belief systems. Yet this eventually turned out to be a major error and mistaken relative truth.

Transcending the Mind and Co-Creation

Limitation of ‘Co-Creation’

     This is misleading since the majority of the ‘false/limited prophets’ of today are preaching self-creation and co-creation with Divinity, which is a fallacy representing the height of the ego’s arrogance as it tries to usurp the power of God for itself. What makes it the most misleading is that from this degree of awareness and perspective it seems to be true and proved that all truth is only relative to one’s understanding (theme of consciousness). Nevertheless, in the awareness of synchronicity and ‘co-creation’, there is no possible explanation for events that take place in perfect concordance with the conscious intentions that are concentrated upon through fixating the spiritual will on an energy pattern (idea, person, place, or desired reality) that would then later manifest somehow into one’s experience. Personal manifestation of reality feels to be absolutely real and indeed, it seems the universe is giving exactly what is asked for and aligned with.

     All of life began to be completely synchronistic in nature and everything seemed to be obviously unfolding exactly in alignment with one’s reprogramming of the mind through intentionality and implanting of new belief systems and thought patterns. This was experimented with for months and was without a doubt found to be true that one’s personal consciousness seems to influence the manifestation of reality by influencing the infinite potentiality collapse to the observer’s intentions. This is explained by quantum physics as the Heisenberg principle and the collapse of the wave function through the power of the consciousness of the observer.

     However, this power of personal manifestation is based in a clever and seductive half-truth and therefore lacks the fullness of recognition of Divine Reality. It is certainly one of the intellectual and spiritual ego’s most sophisticated and seductive entrapments of consciousness that represents a massive barrier of duality and final gateway into enlightenment.

     This state of self-glorification and conscious creation can be extremely addicting and difficult to transcend due to its powerfully self-fulfilling nature. The seduction and arrogance is in the notion that it is a personal self separate from Divinity that is influencing the infinite field of consciousness and therefore is based in causality and duality. There is no ‘co’ possible, there is only Divinity (Nonduality) and thus to believe that one is a separate creator ‘helping’ Divinity is simply foolish. Likewise, to think that Divinity needs help creating is preposterous to begin with let alone from a mere human.

     Transcendence of this fallacy came through radical humility sparked by alignment with Dr. David R Hawkins’ teachings around this time that suddenly awoke the consciousness to alignment with absolute truth. Dr. Hawkins’ teachings brought about a complete and utter feeling of Truth that stretched beyond the current level of awareness and allowed for the final preparations of growth in understanding and comprehension necessary for enlightenment.

Letting go of the Mind: Surrender vanity and attachment

Failure to Surrender

     This trust and faith was further strengthened by yet another dark night of the soul that took place during the beginning of studying Dr. Hawkins’ teachings. This time the plummet into hopelessness was triggered by a spiritual defeat that came about due to taking upon oneself the role of being a ‘savior’ of the world. This arose due to the feeling of being a ‘co-creator’ and ‘lightworker’ and therefore consciousness wanted to manifest a reality where the world was at peace and love was dominant. There was extreme frustration with the way the world was and a wanting it to change to a more loving nature.

     The frustration that was experienced in college resurfaced with added strength due to consciousness now feeling as if it could actually personally change the universe. The ego felt it had to take upon itself the responsibility of shifting the consciousness of the collective towards peace and love. This, however, is one of the major downfalls of the ‘co-creator’ fallacy in that one may feel personally responsible for the world being the way it is. When faced with the challenge of trying to ‘save the world’ the soul was presented with the doorway of enlightenment by realizing that there was no personal self to ‘save’, do or think/create anything to begin with.

      However, this wasn’t understood and consciousness wasn’t ready to make this leap into enlightenment and plummeted into a spiritual despair that felt as if one had failed at the most significant spiritual task within the human realm. It was a crushing feeling that the soul had just failed at transcending the final barrier to liberation and one had failed all of humanity. Therefore, it was an incredibly powerful feeling of spiritual hopelessness and the persona spiraled into a state of temporary suicidal ideation, depression, and shame.

Letting go of the ego and the sense of control

Immediate Recovery and Clarity

      This powerful feeling of spiritual defeat was recovered from with immediate help from the girlfriend that reminded the persona that quite simply, it is not its job to save or change the world. With further pondering and self-reflection the realization suddenly arose out of the despair that everything is perfect and exactly as it should be and there is nothing even ‘wrong’ with the world at all. The persona laughed at itself as the error was further clarified, the world doesn’t need saving to begin with because the world is perfect and everything is aligned through the goodness and love of Divine’s allowance.

       There are no victims or perpetrators in the universe, the universe is already a reflection of perfect love. Divine consciousness is aligning everything perfectly through fairness and justice and therefore the fallacy is in thinking the world needs saving or changing in the first place. It is only the illusion of the dualistic self that is the source of all disappointment and suffering in life and therefore defeat is inevitable unless there is surrender to Divine Love. So long as a dualistic, limited self/false ego is invested in and identified with, suffering is inevitable.

     Accordingly, ‘co-creation’ was realized to be limited and a fallacy of arrogance and seduction that inevitably leads to disappointment and despair because it is still based in a personal self-will of duality. With this fallacy uncovered and new alignment with Dr. Hawkins’ teachings of absolute truth it was immediately abandoned. After experiencing such an intense spiritual despair because of the notion of ‘co-creation’ and failing at surrendering/awakening to enlightenment the soul had all the faith and trust necessary to abandon all previous belief systems and radically surrender to Nonduality of Divine Love. Dr. Hawkins unknowingly became the self’s divine teacher/guru and was devoted to completely without possible reserve. The dedication to Truth and enlightenment were absolute and the soul was willing to surrender anything and everything for the fullness of Self-realization.

Surrender to Divine Love

     The soul was ready to yet again surrender all notions of personal control to Divinity.


Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

     As we let go of control and surrender to trust and the love of Divinity the mind becomes realized as unnecessary and actually only a product of fear. All thinking arises from vanity (attachment to the desire to think) and fear (attachment to the belief that thinking is a source of survival). The fallacy of ‘co-creation’ is a limited, relative truth that for the sincere seeker of enlightenment, must be let go of. It cannot be reiterated enough that so long as a dualistic, limited self/false ego is invested in and identified with, suffering is inevitable. All of life is innately based in infinite, ineffable love, security, abundance, security, and goodness – it is only the ego and it’s illusions that keep this truth from us. It is only the blindness and narcissism of negativity that keeps us from seeing the beauty and majestic wonder of life. As we let go of resistance to this wonderfully liberating realization all of life becomes increasingly obvious as only a reflection of the purest love ever conjured. Existence is a glorious creation of Immortal Love that is profoundly immobolizing in it’s utterly captivating, all-encompassing beauty. Inner silence can be the only result of such a clarity, for there is nothing to possibly comment of divine perfection. All thinking only distracts from the radical, stunning perfection that is this existence.

How humanity overlooks its dreamy, incomprehensible existence seems so peculiar yet only demonstrates the incredible cunning and distracting temptations of the ego’s perceptual vanities. The ego loves itself instead of God and thus suffers infinitely and eternally until attachment to its addictions are let go of. Liberation then could be said to be the full replacement of love for the ego (desire to think, judge, and control life) with the love of God/Divinity (surrender to the utter perfection in all things, surrender of control, restoration of trust in the goodness and divine love within all existence). When we let go and let life be we are free, thus allowing for eternal happiness and peace to come forth as that which is infinitely available within us as our immutable subjective state of existence. Heaven is within us. I hope someday you’ll join me in this paradise.

Namaste my dearest love.


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