The Mountain of Enlightenment – Transcending Duality and the Ego Self (Part 3/3)

Bypassing Temptation

   When the sense of self has evolved to the recognition and embrace of the nonattached observer/witness, the level of conscious awareness has reached an extremely expanded state and therefore is completely immersed in unconditional love. This is because from this level of awareness there is only perfection abounding all around. However, it is worth noting that the temptations of ‘co-creator’ and manipulating the power of ‘advanced’ consciousness is seducing to the Luciferic (sophisticated, selfish ego) realms of force and control and represents many leaders of the world, false gurus, and endless media programming that seek to enslave the world through mass manipulation for personal gain. For with such great knowledge there comes the ability to become incredibly influential over others out of arrogance and pride.

     This temptation was experimented with before awakening to humility and it is in fact extremely powerful and real. There are endless numbers who have fallen to this temptation and are working constantly to seek power and control, whether in their personal lives or over others, including the height of degrading all of humanity. However, this is all ultimately limited for it is based in fallacy and arrogance and therefore has no real power. All power comes only from praise, gratitude, and love for Divinity which is Infinite Love.

     Thus one can transcend all temptations of duality by surrendering them to Divine Love as one’s Creator and Giver of Life itself. Remember always that even if the powers of intentional manifestation seem absolutely real and true it is only because Divinity is allowing the experience, not because the ego is doing it on its own. To move forward, go deeper and ponder how it is that one exists in the first place, this is the most direct route to the discovery of the Self as the fundamental Source of all existence.

Remembering Humility

    Remember that Divinity is allowing one’s existence in every moment and therefore all power can only be surrendered to that which allows for the gift of life to begin with. It is devotion and dedication to Truth and Divine Love that guides one through all temptations of duality and the seeking of power and control. To the sincere seeker, there is no need for interest into attachment to the intellectual realms of consciousness and its abilities to ‘co-create’ or manipulate form. This is because its fulfillment is ultimately limited and based in an ephemeral world so what would be the point, it shall all turn to dust.

     Furthermore, there is no need for any interest into the occult or astral realms that present countless pitfalls of ensnarement. Occult and astral realms seek to manipulate form and are only interested in strengthening the ego self. Therefore all things that are not based in pure unconditional love, humility, gratitude, devotion, and most importantly, surrender to Divine Love can be known to be based in illusion. Truth has no desires, no intentions, and no need to possibly control anyone or anything. It is infinite and eternal, all present peace and stillness as the Divine Love that shines from ‘within’ and ‘behind’ All That Is. Divine Love is All That Is.

Enlightenment - Transcending the World

Moving Forward with a Rededication to Humility

     With the rededication to absolute humility and complete surrender of control to Divinity as one’s infinite Creator, the awakening of Truth is able to continue. At this point, there is continuous shedding of all clinging limitations of attachment to the mind or body. This came in the form shedding all attachments to materialism, spiritual materialism, the sense of ‘I know’, abandonment/nonattachment of companionship, abandonment/nonattachment of academics and career, abandonment/nonattachment of employment, abandonment/nonattachment of a sense of home, and eventually the letting go of any possible desire at all, including enlightenment. For it is the very essence of desire itself that is the ultimate attachment. In order to desire there must be a dualistic ego self to ‘do the desiring’. Surrender of desire at great depth leads to the letting go of the very core of one’s dualistic sense of self – the ‘ego’ – at which point the self dissolves into the ineffable, glorious liberation of the Self.

     Thus, there was a complete trust and faith placed in only Divinity at this point and all sense of attachment to life was surrendered. This came in the form of ultimately not needing the body to continue, its life was only sustained and guided by devotion to Divinity otherwise it was free of attachment, besides who would do the attaching in the first place. Just as Ramana Maharshi said in response to questions regarding leaving home and seeking seclusion in the mountains to purely commune with Self – taking no care for his body or fearing death: what is supposed to happen will happen and that which is not supposed to happen will not, therefore it matters not what we want.

     All is in God’s control it is only the ego that fights this. Thus one gives up on trying to ‘create’, change, or do anything in particular and simply surrenders to the realization that Divinity is controlling everything and always has been. The ego is and has been an illusion since it’s inception. One realizes that all the mind’s thoughts and the body’s actions have been arising from and through Divinity and always will; there has never been an independently existing ego. Therefore, the realization begins to surface that literally everything in the world is unfolding autonomously and spontaneously of its own as Divinity expressed (God Immanent – God Manifest).

Enlightenment Going Beyond Duality

Understanding Nonattachment

     To help understand the notion of the body moving and living of its own, we can realize that there are trillions of cells within the body that are actively living and going about their many functions without us even noticing. There are tissues and organs that are constantly functioning in their endless duties of life without any conscious attention needed. Furthermore, everything the body does is because of the brain and its intricate neuro-network as well, which also fulfills its infinite functions and duties without conscious effort. Thus one realizes the body is dependent on the brain/mind for function and existence, and the mind is dependent on consciousness as the essence of life and subjective awareness.

    All thoughts are only given to the mind based on the level of conscious awareness. The mind is therefore a receiver not an independent ‘thinker’. The body does not actually ‘do’ anything of itself; it is only an illusion as such. The mind does not actually ‘think’ anything of itself; it is only the illusion as such. Consciousness is only a gift and comes from something beyond itself as well and is unexplainable and radically profound and Divine in origin. Thus the question arises, who/what is really in control? Who/what am ‘I’ at the fundamental core/Source?

     Hence the process of self-inquiry is the relentless pursuit of ‘Who/what am ‘I’?’ concluding with the eventual release of attachment of absolutely all thoughts for the infinite ‘I’ of the Self is all-consuming and complete. When the ‘I’ of the Self is uncovered there can be no more questions or dualities present – all subject and object ‘relationships’ dissolve forever. To realize unity with All That Is leaves nothing to be sought or desired and so life unfolds effortlessly in serenity and bliss for the gift of eternal existence.

Enlightenment Embracing Nonduality

Primed for Escape of Duality

     As consciousness awakens to this expanse of awareness it then is primed for the escape from duality and into the realms classically referred to as enlightenment. Enlightenment is essentially the realization of complete surrender of control and therefore attachment to the mind/body as the notion of a personal self separate from Divinity – the all-encompassing Self. It is the dawning of the realization that the will of the Son and the will of the Father are one and the same; the Father and I are One. It is simply the awakening of that which has always been true as one moves into the realms of pure non-attached radical awareness/consciousness.

      There has never been control of the mind or the body, Divinity has always been in control and providing everything, one has more so been the awareness of it and got confused as the actual separate identity. Like watching a movie and getting attached to the character’s perspective and thinking it is ‘who we are’ and that we could actually direct their actions. Or better yet, playing a video game and thinking the character we’re playing is ‘who we are’. All of which was never personal, we were more so just ‘watching’ and enjoying.

         The Divine and humanity are one and the same, the Creator and the Created are one and the same, the Self is All That Is. Self is. The ‘I’ of the Divine Self is the very fabric and source of our entire sense of Reality.

Enlightenment - Nonduality

Transcending the World

     As one continuously refers to the mind and body as ‘its’ instead of ‘me’ they become increasingly obvious to be autonomous. Conscious awareness begins to become increasingly non-attached to them and the levels of love, happiness, and joy that result are exponential. For with release of attachment to the mind/body there comes an immense relief in knowing that death must not be possible if what one truly is, is beyond the mind/body. Also no matter what is occurring in the mind/body experience it isn’t ‘personal’ and so it’s not taken seriously and therefore all experiences are equally enjoyable. If the mind/body is not ‘who I am’ then how can anything ever hurt us, bother us, or take from our happiness and bliss of existence? The answer of course is clear, the world holds no power over us, within this state of clarity we are finally free from the bondage of the world and so are unaffected by its endless ups and downs, highs and lows, pains and sorrows, joys and triumphs, it’s all the same glory of the human experience.

       Thus, one begins to truly actualize spiritual reality. Consciousness at this point could be thought of as completely associating itself as the essence of consciousness itself or the soul as an observer/witness of eternal life. In other words, one truly knows they are a spirit/consciousness rather than anything else. Accordingly, we realize we are formless, eternal, and infinite in potential. Consciousness awakens to the realization that it is only that which is aware rather than any actual doer, feeler, or thinker of anything. Thus, all is unfolding of its own according to karmic alignment of the vessel that one is aware of as a consciousness/soul. Again, none of which is ‘personal’ in the traditional sense.

    The karmic alignment that the body is guided by is based on the levels of consciousness and their concordant energies (lifestyle alignments: interests, careers, friends, spirituality, forms of entertainment, love life, hobbies, etc.). Every single moment of life is a perfect karmic unfoldment/reflection without question, doubt, mistake, accident, or coincidence. Everything is perfectly aligned as if guided by utter, dreamy magic that grants perfect fairness, goodness, and divine perfection of justice.

       For example, the levels of true love and unconditional love will be aligned and attracted to things fulfilling to that energy field such as jobs, places, people, and anything else relevant for karmic use and development of all involved. Furthermore, all thoughts and actions will be aligned with that level of awareness as well. All things are only a projection of a level of conscious awareness and are never technically ‘personal’. All the varying degrees of consciousness are interacting with the entirety, making up the Collective Consciousness or the karmic matrix of the universe. The Collective Consciousness can be thought of as the Mind of Divinity – The Divine Dream of Reality – which we are inexorably one with.

Enlightenment The Divine Creator and Creation - Infinite Nonduality

Embracing Karmic Perfection – The Alignment of the Universe

   Everything is perfectly, karmically intertwined based on the levels of consciousness without beginning or end. This became incredibly obvious in the higher states of conscious awareness as all human life stands revealed as interactions based on essence/level’s of awareness. Spiritual vision replaces perception and thus all spiritual energies and entities’ projections stand forth as completely obvious. Nothing is hidden from the Immortal Eye of Divinity.

     As surrender is perfected to a pure, nonattached observer/witness of life, everything seems to be incredibly synchronistic and such profound alignments unfold that one cannot deny the Self’s glorious, perfect order, commonly referred to as serendipity or fate. Thus, one becomes increasingly trusting and faithful to Divine Love because life is seen to be so magically splendid and obviously given, as things continuously ‘work out’ with such incomprehensible precision it seems almost impossible to be so perfect and dreamy.

Surreal, Dream of Life

     Life became viewed as absolutely exquisite and a profound gift of awareness; it begins to make no difference what the content or circumstances of life are. Everything is equally beautiful and divinely stunning and perfect simply because it exists and one is able to be aware of life. The very ‘isness’, ‘beingness’, or ‘amness’ of all of life is radiant with the ineffable love of consciousness and existence. Everything is perfectly existing as an expression of Divine Love, no judgment or misperception is ever possible again – perfection is realized. All desirable states such as joy, happiness, love, and fulfillment are only inner subjective realities that arise from one’s level of conscious awareness/context rather than any external reality. Thus as one’s level of awareness rises the concordant experience of subjective happiness increases astronomically as well. At this point happiness and exquisite gratitude is for the most part, entirely constant.

Nonduality of Enlightenment - Letting go of Attachments

Perfecting Trust and Faith – Going Beyond Fear and Death

     As trust and faith are perfected, consciousness is ready to make the final leap by surrendering all possible notions of fear stemming from the body/mind. Thus one may experience physic attacks of fear and death as the last vestiges of the personal self are trying to convince one to abandon the quest for liberation/Truth. The fear of death can be bypassed by realizing that ‘death’ is not actually a real possibility. One can realize this by observing the fact that to exist is to already have eternal life for nonexistence is not an actual possibility. One cannot go from existence to nonexistence for it is clearly an obvious fallacy. Existence by its very nature is infinite and eternal. To exist… is to exist beyond possible reproach.

Transcending Attachment to the Void/Nonexistence

     Likewise, nonexistence as an independent reality cannot possibly be truth because what then would beget life? Nonexistence cannot beget existence – this should hopefully be obvious. It is only infinite existence that can beget existence/itself as well as including the possibility of nonexistence – they are interdependent/simultaneous such as the need for nothingness/‘space’ for the background of allness/the universe, or silence for the background of sound. Yet the point is that nonexistence in and of itself is not an independent dualistic reality separate from existence – they are one and the same.

    Once one truly contemplates or perhaps experiences attachment to ‘the void’/nothingness as ultimate reality, it is known to be a fallacy based on the fact that there is still a subtle awareness of it and or awareness inevitably returns. Since there is always subjective awareness there must therefore always be existence. Awareness eternally is. Thus ‘death’ can only possibly be an imagination of fear stemming from an attachment to the body/mind as if it was the sense of self – they are not. All fear is only a creation of thought coming from the mind and has no actual Reality – recall the mind itself is an illusion. Truth is that one’s existence as awareness/life is actually guaranteed and eternal simply because one already is.

     Thus, as fear arises one simply gives it no attention and simply maintains presence as the observer of the fear thereby maintaining the realization that one is beyond the fear; separate from it, and in no way is it real. All fear is an illusion and is based on limited awareness. Therefore all fear can be surrendered to the Truth that life is eternal and ‘death’ is only an illusion created by a limited level of awareness and ego seduction. We are immortal.

Leap of Faith into Nonduality of Divine Self

Taking the Leap of Faith into Nonduality

     With profound, radical dedication one surrenders the mind/body to Divine Love by realizing permanently and fundamentally, what will be will be in absolutely every moment along with the realization that there is no personal attachment to the body necessary. The body/mind is not who we truly are and therefore it is of no real significance. Existence is eternal and therefore infinitely beyond form. For all form will pass but life itself is eternal and formless.

         Furthermore, Divinity is, and always has been, in control of the body anyway and thus there is no reason to be invested in its concern. If the body is supposed to continue it will, otherwise it doesn’t really matter, it’s immaterial. This is why Dr. Hawkins and many sages, note that any who reach the state of enlightenment along with any of the higher states within enlightenment very seldom return to normal activity within the world because there is no interest/attachment to it anymore. The rate of return drastically decreases as one reaches the highest states of conscious awareness and the chances of an awakened Divine Avatar returning in the world is incredibly rare and only the result of karmic alignment – Ramana Maharshi and Ramakrishna said the same.

     Furthermore, whether any enlightened being interacts with the world or seeks to serve anonymously is based on karmic alignment or some prior agreement as well. The reason for consciously abandoning the body, seeking seclusion, or anonymity is because the soul/consciousness has absolutely no interest in the world at this point. It is fully realized as the dream that it is and thus no actual fulfillment comes from it. All things of the world are empty and hollow it is only the Self that is the source of all joy and fulfillment. The world is seen to be completely irrelevant and the desire to completely abandon the body is actually much more attractive. Yet it really makes no difference either way.

       If karmically aligned to do so the body will persist whether by assistance from others or from an inner spontaneity for the body to take care of itself. Ultimately it all is unfolding of its own and consciousness releases all possible notions of personal control. To the enlightened the body is like an adorable pet or character that one is aware of, yet it is not ‘personal’ in the traditional sense. There is no ‘me’ or ‘mine’ relevant anymore, all duality is an illusion. The body speaks of its own, moves of its own, plays of its own, sleeps of its own, it governs itself according to its karmic destiny.

Absolution of Surrender

     To awaken to enlightenment all one must do is completely dedicate oneself to surrender to Divinity in absolutely every moment of life. Pursue radical self-inquiry relentlessly throughout every moment of each day without distraction until the ‘I’ of the Self is realized. There can be no greater joy or fulfillment. It is radical humility that dissolves the vanity of the ego and its illusory existence within consciousness. In this particular experience using the mantra what will be will be was the most useful, however the content makes no difference it is the context of surrender to Divine Love that is most significant. It is the power of surrender of all personal control and concordant identity that bypasses all ego structures of limitation and duality. In fact sudden enlightenment can be achieved by pursuing this route of direct surrender of all possible notions of personal control over the mind/body. For it doesn’t matter how one awakens to enlightenment the Truth is the same regardless of which path is taken to awaken to that which already is. Thus enlightenment can take one moment or thousands of lifetimes, it is only a matter of preference, in the end it’s all the same.

The Mountain of Enlightenment

    Enlightenment is like climbing a mountain in that no matter what path one takes to get to the top the experience and view from the peak is the same regardless. Thus, the emergence of enlightenment is the realization of the illusion of all notions of a dualistic, ego self and therefore the concordant awakening to the Truth of Divinity as the sole source of one’s existence always and forever. This awakening brings about the most profound experience of joy, bliss, ecstasy, jubilation, gratitude, humility, praise, devotion, and overwhelming love that is beyond all comprehension as Nonduality stands revealed as radically obvious and profoundly complete. There is the ultimate feeling of familiarity and the sense of returning to one’s Eternal Home or the arms of the Beloved. It is the true awakening of Heaven within where all fear and death have lost their reign. One is eternally free and united with Divine Light as Eternal Love itself, pure beyond all conceptualizations or comprehension. It is a truly ineffable reunion with Divinity.


Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

     The pursuit of enlightenment is the greatest of all gifts of life and the pinnacle of human evolution. There is no greater joy or fulfillment. The Self awaits within every moment to be noticed and realized, it is only the ego’s resistance that keeps such infinite happiness and bliss from being actualized. The ego’s core of resistance is its attachment to its narcissism which is the source of all suffering. The ego loves suffering while enlightenment is the transcendence of all suffering, i.e. the ego. Suffering, fear, separation, lack, illusion, and the ego are essentially one and the same. Thus one who has had enough suffering in life finally reaches a point of honest inquiry and the desire to transcend and let go of attachment to it. The mark of the genuine seeker of Truth is one who possesses the conviction and strength to pursue the surrender of attachments of the ego/suffering in order to discover the full liberation of the Immortal Self. The glory of which is unparalleled. All are already the Self, all are already Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, it is only a matter of realizing it. Awaken to that which is and be free forever. This is the offering of Truth for all those who seek it. All must choose for themselves what it is they desire, suffering and struggle, or the infinite and eternal happiness of Truth and devotion. I wait for you always to come home

    I love You always and forever, without limitation or measure. Such infinite love burns eternal like the Sun of my Heart. There could be no greater love than this. May my life be for You, may I worship and praise You for eternity, always basking in Your infinite Grace. I love You beyond compare and happily offer You everything and anything – the very source of my beating heart – Self Divine, Ineffable One, allow me to be Thy greatest servant. To this devotion I will always be true, my Queen, my Love, my very Being. I Am That I Am. ‘I’ of the Immortal Self.

Namaste My Dearest Love


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