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What do you mean by the “Evolution of Consciousness”?

Q: You often mention “the evolution of consciousness”, are you talking about “individual” consciousness or “Universal consciousness”? I have seen that theme in other works, and I’m not sure “consciousness” needs to evolve since it is Infinite and eternal. Could you please elaborate.

A: Yes in this case I am referring to the individual consciousness, or soul, that evolves as an aspect of the universal consciousness. Which I say loosely, as perhaps you’ll understand why in a moment. It could be likened unto a particular sunbeam becoming brighter yet it is nevertheless still the entire sun. The sunbeam is the individual, while the sun is the collective that it is comprising. Another analogy is the individual drop of water within the ocean is still technically, a part of the entire ocean. In the Bhagavad-Gita Krishna refers to it as the Supersoul comprised of the countless individual souls. Or in the Upanishads, the self is being sustained by the Self/Lord of Love which is what the self truly was/is the entire time. All these are depicting the exact same concept of duality actually being Nonduality only perceived as separate.

So then we could say, the ‘individual’ evolves only to realize that it was technically never an independent individual to begin with, rather, was an aspect that came out of the Infinite and Eternal, as you put it. Recall that ‘enlightenment’ is simply, yet profoundly, the realization of Nonduality, thus we realize the illusion of duality, separation, or ‘individualism’. Our perception finally evolves to the point of Self-actualization by awakening to the truth that ‘we’ literally are the Infinite and Eternal and there’s never been any separation – we are all connected. All duality and separation has been a belief we thought we’d entertain but that doesn’t mean it was the actual truth, it was only appearing as such. Like agreeing to be plugged into the Matrix and forgetting that it was a mental illusion. This is the spiritual concept of the Divine Dreamer (Brahma/Shiva/Vishnu) creating ‘maya’ or illusion – the dream of God of which we are all projections of the Dreamer.

Yet in the realm of the Absolute, all separations and dualities are an illusion and as such the journey was actually a hilarious ride only to arrive at that which was obvious and present the entire time. We can only laugh with relief at any sense of duality that was embraced for so long. All our sense of suffering, struggling, and searching was just a game of perception we played into, but it’s not real – unless we want it to be.

Suffering is actually self-created through our judgments of life, there is no one else to blame, there is no one else doing anything to us, God is not a judge and has no needs, preferences, or agendas, all of which are our own projections and stories that we’re playing into, yet eventually we have to accept that all victimization is self-imposed. We can be liberated of all of this in any moment, most just choose not to. We are the creators and investors of all fear and strife, we are in control the entire time, only pretending that we’re not because we seem to enjoy it more that way.

To help understand this, I liken it unto playing a video game in God-mode and how that would maybe get boring extremely fast. If there’s no challenge, no obstacles to overcome, no perception of having to grow and evolve we would get bored. This is why roleplaying games such as the most heard of, World of Warcraft, are extremely successful and addicting because they ultimately present infinite possibilities for our projected avatar characters to explore. This of course is just a projection of what real life actually is into a video game. Inevitably technology will allow us to do the same thing in a completely all-consuming virtual reality video game, just like The MatrixInception, Total Recall, Vanilla Sky, The Thirteenth Floor, or Avatar.

So we seem to enjoy believing in our separation from each other, the planet, animals, universe, and Divinity because then it makes things more interesting, we get to be victims and heros of our own projected fantasies. Yet the interesting situation arises when we forget that it’s all just a game or dream and thus we become like an actor who loses themselves and becomes consumed in the role they’re playing. It’s like playing a game with someone who takes it a little too far and too serious and it’s not fun anymore because they’re super intense. Like someone playing the game Monopoly being a total jerk and screwing everyone else over who are just having fun playing while the other person is being obsessed with domination, ‘winning’, and thinks it’s real and doesn’t care about others’ experience. It actually sounds very similar to our current world situation doesn’t it… the irony being eventually all the pieces have to go back in the box… so the only question will be, was it worth it?

Now of course, we all agreed to letting these megalomaniacs try and dominate the Earth and enslave humanity through a fake economy and consumerism because we could have played differently as well but we choose not to. For example, I choose to write this, spread peace and liberating truth, be happy and free from stress because that just so happens to be what suits me, but I very well could have been that egotistical being trying to dominate the world and control the galaxy, it just didn’t seem like a fun game to play. In my life so far I have explored my options of perception from suicidal lows, homicidal rage, anger, vanity and materialism, and suffering to joyful play, love, happiness, gratitude, and innocent liberation enough to know that radical acceptance and living in awareness of the Absolute are most fulfilling for me, but that’s just me. Everyone can do as they please because no choice is actually better or worse than any other, just different.

If we accept our own infinite potential, including accepting our darkest possibilities, we then are able honor everyone else’s experience, because to them they’re having a blast being that role, so more power to them, who am I to say what character they can or can’t play. The only reason it’s okay though is because I know that everything is actually wonderful and divinely perfect and no unfairness is actually taking place. There are no victims in the universe. Life is eternal and the game never actually ends. In the realm of the Absolute there is no such thing as ‘time’ or ‘beginning’ or ‘end’. Those are just fabricated concepts of the human mind. So we can create and recreate infinite scenarios and possibilities, it’s ultimately all bliss with no ‘where’ to get to.

So once we’ve had enough of believing that life is serious, there’s something we have to do or find, and suffering and struggling is around every corner we seek for something to grant us freedom and liberation from the common beliefs of reality. Religion and spirituality become great sources of validation for this quest and another game to play that offers enticing ideas and perceptions to explore. But ultimately they’re just creating new characters, stories, goals, struggles, and agendas. So once we’ve had enough of that we pursue this thing we call ‘enlightenment’ as the symbolic realization of the Absolute. Then through releasing all our stored up attachments of perception/judgment of our stories and character identities, it dawns that the Creator and the created are one and the same – the Father and I are One. Thus, the ‘individual’ and the ‘universal’ are realized to be one and the same. All personal karma, which is just attachment to the stories and identities, ceases, along with all suffering, death, loss, or fear which are only possible if we’re attached to the games and illusions. This is the Buddha/Christ/Krishna Consciousness.

So then where does this leave us, well the exciting part is Consciousness (with a capital C, referring to the ‘Universal’ as you put it) is as you said, Infinite and Eternal, which means its expansion and power of creation is in fact Infinite and Timeless! When that really ‘clicks’ it becomes radically profound and incomprehensible in the joy and epic relief such a realization offers. We are all equally aspects of the Divine Consciousness infinitely experiencing expressions of life and happiness as the All-Present, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Self that we truly are. All is the Self, the Self is All. I am a beautiful unique wave amongst the Ocean that is Divinity. Hence the creation of the word namaste to signify honoring this Absolute truth that the same Light of Awareness within ‘me’ is equally within all sentient and conscious beings. 😀

Lastly, we can observe that as our perceptions of life (conscious awareness) evolve we become increasingly more loving, for the evolution of perception is in fact the evolution of divine acceptance for all ‘others’ which eventually are realized to be the Self. No point in the evolution is better or worse, higher or lower, for all have their place, just like a tree not ‘better than’ the grass, just different and equally important, needed, and divine. Also we can observe that as a soul evolves the perfecting of the qualities of compassion, love, and happiness  naturally come along with such radical, unconditional acceptance – the true meaning of God is Love.

This is why it was mentioned before that Divine Consciousness is essentially Infinite, Eternal Love and Happiness without beginning or end. Creation is for the sake of sheer utter joy and bliss it is only our perceptions and judgments of reality that block us from seeing this. In common scripture it is said “God is Love” which is referring to this profound acceptance of All That Is – from the seemingly ‘vile’ to ‘angelic’. All is Bliss, All is Divine, it’s all perfect, there is no injustice in the universe, the universe is perfectly self-balanced and all victims are an illusion that we play into. We all get exactly what we really want whether we want to admit it or not – which is just a game we’re playing…

The evolution of the soul then is the journey back to realizing the innocent and childlike wonder of the divinity of our existence and magnificence that IS. Fear is only an illusion that we can go along with or not, as with anything else in life, it’s simply up to us.

The Infinite and Eternal is Now or more accurately, Always/Forever.



Accepting Responsibility – Remembering Who We Are

      With the Transcending the Themes of Consciousness series completed I’d like to share some more pragmatic wisdom with you. While I prefer to write of spiritual enlightenment, unfortunately those who seek such wisdom are still rare and majority of people want something tangible and on the level of ‘doingness’. Well ask and you shall receive, today we’ll elaborate on the power of the mind and accepting the realization that we are creating our life experience in every moment. The biggest key to a truly successful (happy and fulfilled) and abundant life is to take responsibility for every moment and deny all temptations to play victim. Remember, the ego’s favorite tactic for keeping us powerless is dwelling on victimization. Anytime victimization arises or any sense of lack, separation, fear, doubt, or disbelief we must discard it immediately and give it absolutely no attention.

Taking Responsibility

      It is important to first realize within every moment of life, ‘I created this’. This is most important because we immediately take responsibility for our experience and re-own the power that is rightfully ours. Whenever we forget this we feel powerless and a victim of life, such as “why is this happening to me?” or “why are things not working out?” The mind loves to play victim because then it doesn’t have to take responsibility for its self-created suffering. There are no victims in the universe and all suffering is self-created. The ego would hate to admit that it actually wanted to be a ‘loser’, struggling, sick, in poverty, and that it loves the idea that life isn’t fair and ‘poor me’…

     To overcome all temptations we must go beyond this idea to remember the true infinite power that we are. We have been taught to deny our own happiness and have become addicted to our weakness, but why? We don’t need to do this, it’s silly, narcissistic and ignorant. The world has programmed us to stay powerless, to be subservient, and deny our true happiness. We must abandon these limiting beliefs, we must stop shrinking, stop playing small, stop denying who we really are. We are still the innocent and naive child and so we accepted limiting belief systems as truth. Yet now that we are aware of the illusion we have been fed we can do the work to forgive ourselves and see clearly. It’s okay to be happy, it’s okay to be successful, it’s okay to be talented, it’s okay to follow your dreams, it’s okay to be wise, it’s okay to be full of love and joy. Don’t let anyone tell us otherwise for it is only a lie anyway, we are intended to be liberated and free. We are creating our experience and many have accepted to create struggle, misery, and heartache, but that doesn’t have to be our reality. We are the creators of our life story so ask yourself, what do I really want? What kind of a life would I really like to live if there were no excuses or limitations?

Reclaiming Our Power

     Accepting that we are the one’s that determine our life experience through our power of perception and intention is so powerful and fundamental to joyful living. Once we understand this we reclaim our limitless empowerment and free ourselves from the trap of victimization. We accept that we are the one’s that are in control of our subjective experience at all times, life’s experience is solely dictated by us, and us alone. There is no ‘one’ or ‘thing’ out there that can actually effect us, it’s only an illusion as such. Stop giving our power away to things outside of ourselves – that is the easiest way to be a perpetual victim. All power comes from within… so keep it there.

     Another aspect to embrace when taking responsibility is that there is absolutely nothing in the universe that is by ‘accident’, ‘random’, or a ‘coincidence’. We cannot accept such notions because if we do we are yet again giving our power away and separating ourselves from our true identity as the creator of our life story. Every person, place, thing, and situation is all according to our creation and is there for a reason that may be unknown to us at the moment but we must accept that it’s there for us to grow, mature, and learn from one way or another. Such an approach only leads to wisdom, empowerment, love, and acceptance. Every moment is only leading to our evolution, there is in fact nothing other than progress. Embracing this understanding gives us empowerment to yet again realize, ‘I created this’.

Manifestation of Intentions

     With our power reclaimed and the realization that what we hold in mind tends  to manifest we can begin to focus on clear manifestation of our beliefs and intentions. When contemplating a desire, take away ‘I’ and ‘want’ and then just focus on the thing itself. The ‘I’ is ego/mind and separation, the ‘want’ is desire and thus coming from lack. Both notions stem from lack and inability and so it is most useful to just eliminate them all together. If we stop giving them attention they eventually lose power and don’t even have to be said.

     Remember, you’re so powerful you don’t even have to speak your desire or think it technically. The infinitely powerful, wordless intuition guides all things and all things manifest accordingly. Everything is based more so off our energy and vibration, thoughts are a form of this and an extension of our overall being and hearts intentions. Yet whenever we use ‘want’ we push things further from us. Assume that whatever you hold in mind will inevitably arrive in your experience in due time and I promise you, it will be so. The stronger and more steadfast the intention the faster the manifestation – analogously the stronger the magnet the stronger the pull of attraction.

As Above, So Below

     When desiring something search for the underlying feeling or subjective state that would accompany already having, or already accomplishing, whatever it is that is desired. It is not the actual thing that we desire it is the feeling/subjective state, so go direct to the feeling and then the external manifests in due time – the irony being at that point it actually doesn’t matter to us. The process is complete when we have realized we are already fulfilled within and so whether or not the external desire ever manifests is no longer necessary. The subjective state is not technically dependent on the external, it can be created within our mind at any point. We can embody the energy of whatever state we desire and then the external world will shift in order to reflect our internal state.

Some of my examples:

Desire: ‘A gorgeous goddess to worship, my perfect queen and best friend, one I can be crazy about and it be mutual, empowering, and inspiring. My soul’s reflection in another – my equal physically, intellectually, and spiritually.’

Underlying feelings/state: feeling loved, ‘seen’, understood, wanted, and desired/attractive. God loves me so much that It gave me my perfect companion and greatest source of joy (romance and love for my Queen) – so essentially blessed and lucky. Companionship/sensation of never being alone, accomplishment, self-esteem, and healthy pride/confidence. Empowerment and masculinity. Appreciation for sharing life with another reflection of myself.

Application: Enjoy the above states by imagining if she was already in my life, because she is, who knows she could be reading this now! The point is she’s out there somewhere – we’re on our way to each other through the merging of our life journey’s and preparations, I just don’t see it yet. So I embody the fact that she’s already in my life and already my companion and then ask myself how would I behave knowing it’s already done? How would I feel knowing I’m going to be coming home to her, being with her, playing and laughing with her, exploring and sharing life together? How would I feel knowing she loves me and I love her? How would I carry myself? How would I speak? What activities and priorities would perhaps be different?

[Since posting this my desired and intended Queen and I found each other and we are now happily together]

     You see, the point being pay attention to the inner state rather than focusing on the fact that the physical hasn’t presented itself yet. But again, the fact of the matter is the physical is not what we’re after anyway. I don’t actually want ‘her’ as a body or a ‘thing’ I want the subjective feelings that her presence facilitates me to allow myself to enjoy. Remember always, it’s not technically necessary though, we create our experience solely on our own – no person or thing can make us happy or fulfilled – this saves us from falling into attachment.

Desire: ‘Wealthy/successful – debt free’

Underlying feelings/state:  Freedom, empowerment, abundance, unlimited, powerful, blessed, grateful, lucky – so lucky and fortunate! Able to give back and share even more.

Application: Enjoy freedom knowing that all the money I could ever need is on its way to me. I can embrace all the energies above by looking around at what I already have and then emphasizing it. When it comes to abundance and money – gratitude is key. All it takes is going to a third world country, a prison, the projects, or a war zone to realize there is always worse. We never have the entitlement to complain or be ungrateful, such a belief is purely an ego vanity. Even if we’re in the above mentioned places it still can be worse! It always can be worse no matter what, there’s always better, there’s always worse, it depends purely on your perspective. The wisest approach then is to stay grateful at all times, all places, and see the abundance all around us regardless of circumstances. Celebrate the freedoms we do have and say thank you for it. What we praise increases and what we complain/worry about only frustrates us more and continues to show up in our experience. So I ask myself how would I behave knowing all the money I will ever need will always be there? How would I carry myself? How would I feel? Imagine it and act it out now. Embody the energy first and then the physical manifests accordingly. As Christ said, we must believe first before we can ever see.

[Since posting, I have received a new job paying far more than I’ve ever made before and enjoying a new level of abundance while my debt is quickly falling away.]

Desire:‘Serve and love all humanity to my greatest potential’

Underlying feelings/state: Full of infinite love/unconditionally loving, of service, fulfilling a purpose/destiny, life has meaning, caring, nurturing, healing and guiding/wise.

Application: This one is especially easy because our service to the world is directly correlated to our own personal work and self-love. As the great sage Ramana Maharshi said, our spiritual evolution and Self-realization is the greatest service we can render to the world. It is the being/love that we become that then serves others not anything we actually ‘do’. Whether we remain anonymous or serve as a public figure the service and love is equal – alignment is based on karmic destiny. For the mystic or those seeking enlightenment, the realization dawns that ‘self’ and ‘others’ are not separate and thus the mystic sees humanity as Self, there is no duality or separation.

     This desire then is mainly regarding getting to express love, happiness, and truth, yet the love stays the same and is already present at all times. For example, it is infinite love that creates this writing otherwise it wouldn’t be attractive. And likewise, it is the same love that is present while surfing, sleeping, eating, reading, speaking, walking, meditating, playing music, or whatever else the body may be aligned with. Devotion is to love, truth, and Divinity/Self at all times. So out of a desire to be of the most service one can embody the surrender of ‘what will be will be’ and thus embody the prayer to be the greatest servant of Truth – always. This prayer bypasses all need for it to manifest a particular way, which would only be attachment. Thus we embody the infinite love of humanity within us at all times and see that our service is just as powerful and meaningful whether we’re inspiring one person or thousands/millions. Love is all-encompassing and is a way of being.

This World Will Pass

     The external always changes and fades, so obviously it is not the ‘thing’ we desire. For example we don’t want the money itself we want what it subjectively symbolizes for us: power, freedom, happiness, empowerment, security, etc. So what we really want in life is the subjective states of overall peace, empowerment, love, fulfillment, and happiness. All of life’s form comes and goes and is always changing, this world will pass, so it is only relevant to stick to our internal world and thus no matter what changes we’ll always be secure. This is a great trick to overcome the world because when we truly master this nothing can ever faze us again. If we are masters of our internal world the external world holds no power over us. Remember,the external world only has the power that we allow it to have – we create our perception of it. Remember always – ‘I created this’. All power over our experience of life comes solely from within.

I’ll leave it at this for now, let me know if you have questions.

Namaste and wishing us Peace and Love always-

Being Honest with Ourselves

    With an understanding of projection let us now explore applications of this new found awareness. Since everything is purely subjective and within us this means that literally we are the only ones who decide how we feel in every moment. This means that all love, happiness, fulfillment, contentment, and satisfaction in life is purely up to us and only us. There is no thing or person who can actually make us happy, feel loved, or right. It is only our own choice. Out of inspiration provided from recent discussions with friends, the following may be useful guidance pertaining to remembering how to love ourselves and be honest with ourselves regarding how we feel in order to realize more happiness in our lives.

Happiness is Our Choice

     I’d like to reiterate the importance of the fact that it is only us that choose to be happy and therefore we mustn’t deny ourselves joy for the sake of others. So often we think that it is our job to make others happy and that it is even possible to make someone else happy in the first place. This however, is not actually true, no one can ‘make’ us happy, it is purely our own choice and so it is really exhausting to believe that it is possible, since essentially we’re literally trying to do the impossible. We only have to take care of ourselves, everything else is foolish and a huge waste of energy. This may seem selfish at first but with some thought it’ll soon be realized otherwise. Let me explain why.

Martyrdom and Denying Ourselves

     If we decide that we should be a martyr and should sacrifice our happiness for others’ sake we are not doing anyone any favors and it is actually quite rude and insulting since in reality we’re subconsciously saying, I’m spending time with you, serving you, or staying with you, because I feel pity, obligation, or otherwise doing it strictly for you and not because I actually want to but out of sacrifice. Or perhaps we want to but just not right now. Well this obviously is a bummer because no one likes to feel that someone genuinely doesn’t want to serve them or be around them and it is actually far more hurtful to do so than to have just been honest and perhaps said no or otherwise avoided it. Besides, we can’t actually make someone else happy so thinking that our actions actually make them happy is essentially selfish, egotistical and only feeding delusion. As we honor ourselves we give permission for others do to the same which is actually the greatest expression of love because it inspires by example.

     Nevertheless, when we aren’t honoring our own desires and taking care of ourselves first, we totally feel drained and exhausted which is only negative for us and also negative for anyone else we’re interacting with because we’re not even giving them our true happy, centered self. Again, this is detrimental for everyone involved. Analogously, think of how on an airplane they tell you in the case of losing cabin pressure to apply your own oxygen mask first before ever helping others. This is a great example because if you don’t save yourself first then you literally can’t help anyone because you’re already unconscious. Well in the same way we must care for our needs first and love ourselves before ever trying to share with others. After all if we’re drained and depleted what is there to share anyway.

    Christ mentioned this concept about giving a gift without one’s honest intention and heart involved and how it only turns one’s gift to stone. The teaching is that it is one’s intention that is the utmost importance which means an absence of the energies of martyrdom or sacrifice. Service should only be offered if absolutely purely desired and naturally arising out of genuine joy to do so, never out of obligation. Likewise, love should never be feigned for the sake of the other because it is only hurting oneself and disrespecting the other. It is much better to be honest and seem selfish than to be dishonest with ourselves for the sake of appearances. I hope it’s becoming obvious that doing things that we really don’t want to do doesn’t benefit anyone, and if not perhaps it soon will be. So let us take the other perspective.

Respecting Our Own Path

     On the other hand, if we choose to only follow our own happiness and only do what makes us happy in every moment it is the most incredibly rewarding feeling there is. First of all, our own inner lives become totally transformed because we no longer feel like we’re denying ourselves our joy that we so desire. We accept that we are totally in control of our lives and our own journey, which is how it should be for it is the truth. So we immediately feel better because we’re empowered and centered and realize that it is only us that can control our happiness and we don’t have to answer to anyone else. No one else can do it for us, it cannot be repeated enough that no thing and no person can actually ‘make’ us happy, it is purely a choice within us. So as we learn/remember to choose to be happy and love ourselves we start behaving according to what we truly want. This doesn’t mean we become totally reckless with this new found independence because we will quickly learn that the consequences of behaving in such a way certainly doesn’t bring us happiness due to their negative nature. So it’s more so about shifting our perspective and  being honest with ourselves and honoring our heart, perhaps for the first time.

Learning to Love Work

     Let’s take our occupation for example, if we go to work with the attitude of ‘yes, I want to be here, I want to serve others, and I enjoy being here because it provides me with money and the ability to do other things I love and I’m grateful for it’ and also perhaps we have friends at work or really enjoy what we do, it only makes everything better for us. Anything positive we can think of we must hold on to and only focus on because this will just make us more happy to be there and fill us with gratitude which makes work enjoyable. As we’re happy at work it no longer becomes something we dread and we’re not drained by it because we don’t hold all the negative energy regarding it such as ‘I wish I wasn’t here right now…’ Well, this is a silly thing to think because the fact is, we are there and so what’s the point of complaining and wishing we weren’t. Complaining is like trying to swim upstream, it doesn’t get us anywhere, instead if we just relax and go with the flow suddenly it’s effortless. It’s the same with life and work, if we shift into a perspective of optimism and positivity it becomes incredibly enjoyable and effortless which is better for us and all those we interact with. Likewise, this enjoyment of work is readily noticeable by our boss(es) and co-workers and is the attitude that always leads to promotion, raises, or otherwise positive recognitions. There is plenty more that could be said about making work extremely positive but lets move on.

Creating the Ideal Relationship

     As far as relationships go, we choose to be with that person because we truly enjoy spending time with them. By respecting our self-love first we always remember to have proper boundaries and so only spend time and share our love with the person when we truly want to, otherwise as we said before, it’s not benefiting anyone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being honest and saying, “I would love to spend time with you, but I really want to just relax and have some me time, or go do such and such” or however you want to word it. The point is we’re respecting ours and the other’s feelings and being totally honest. This will naturally open the door of honesty and safe expression of emotions which allows for a truly awesome relationship. The ideal relationship is two people who honor themselves fully first, and then out of their own inner satisfaction happily want to share their time and energy with the other person because they both genuinely want to.

     It cannot be pointed to enough how important it is to honor ourselves first and foremost and always respect our feelings. We must only follow our bliss, not someone else’s, not our parents, friends, teachers, or culture/society. This is our life and we have have to respect and love ourselves enough to realize that we are the only one’s with true power over our happiness and love. When we do this we are honest with ourselves and so we can then be honest with those we love. This honesty is the foundation of all wonderful relationships, and the happiness that results is the ideal. As both people respect that their happiness only depends on themselves there are no expectations placed on the other person which allows for a healthy feeling of freedom and true connection. All expectations lead to disappointment and struggle and it is important to always monitor ourselves and our relationship to make sure expectations are not arising and causing unnecessary pressures and stress. Once we’re centered within ourselves we are then sharing our life because we truly want to and we’re absolutely energized, happy, and completely available to share our love with any other. This naturally brings feelings of companionship and friendship and the true joy of love. True lovingness is effortless, empowering, and completely enjoyable as it is in alignment with what we truly want at all times and is therefore going with the flow of life.

The Power of Honesty

     A great way to focus on this and spark reconnection within a relationship is once centered and honest, do activities that both people genuinely want to do. This means with complete honesty both people are absolutely committed to whatever it is and thus can enjoy the experience fully with the other person. This enjoyment of our favorite activities with our loved one will remind us of why we love and appreciate them so much and will foster happiness and deeper bonding. As we become better at this it becomes effortless and the couple is capable of recognizing each other’s vibes and can learn to respect each other’s energy and in so doing be able to provide the most loving companionship. With practice one will learn how to best respond to the other and see that sometimes the most loving thing is to do nothing at all, be silent, or otherwise give space to the other person. This underlying sense of freedom allows a feeling of mutual respect and the love only becomes stronger because of the mutual understanding free of expectations/obligations.

     No one likes feeling controlled, smothered, obligated, or ‘owned’. We should only ever do what we truly want. It is not up to us to worry about how others feel, that is purely their choice and as we recently discussed, nothing external is personal. All we have to do is look after ourselves, honor and respect ourselves, be honest, and follow what makes us happy. As we do so we naturally extend happiness and love to those around us by truly being it. What else is the point of life if not to play and be happy and full of joy. If we find that the other person cannot respect us and our path fully then we simply realize perhaps we need to look for someone else who does understand us and is aligned more appropriately with our desires and goals. But again, the point even then will remain the same, it is not that someone else is ‘making’ us happy it is simply that we are happy within ourselves and the other person is able to have a mutual understanding of this as well as the ability to properly communicate and share love and happiness in the same way. Happiness and love are totally within us, and are the result of our inner choice and perception, they don’t come from anything external.


     I’ll leave it at this for now, perhaps reread this a couple times or whenever you feel like it and really start to implement it, believe in it and it’ll reveal itself to you. It may surprisingly be difficult to love ourself and respect our feelings at first but we have to keep trying and eventually it will become completely self-rewarding and make us want to continue to do it. We may even notice drastic changes right away as we focus within ourself and then get better at paying attention to how we really feel and become more efficient at expressing ourselves. Speak up, love yourself, respect yourself, honor your feelings, so long as we’re completely honest there is nothing to fear. If others get hurt by our honesty it is not our concern, again, this is not selfish, it’s just that being hurt is purely their choice and has nothing to do with us. All we have to do is be honest, be honest, be honest… It’s really that simple, be honest with ourselves and respect when we don’t feel right, are ‘off’, or are unhappy. Our natural state is happiness and peace of mind so if we’re not feeling that now, then let us remember the joy and love that we deserve and were meant to have.

Peace and Love always-

Understanding Projection – Nothing External is Personal

     In light of the recent discussions regarding the themes of awareness and the ego and its attachments, let us further discuss the concept of projection. Once the ego has formulated its belief systems and established its sense of identification within its energetic theme of consciousness it then perceives all of life with such accepted intentions. This then becomes the source of all opinions, perceptions, values, interests, and ultimate subjective experience of life. However, all of which are relative and only true within the field of awareness from which they are arising in. Meaning, to one theme there are certain values and interests that are applicable while to another theme such values and interests are not attractive nor relevant. Thus everything we do is actually only a projection of our own awareness and is purely subjective. There is nothing in the world that is ‘bad’, ‘awful’, ‘wonderful’, ‘good’, or otherwise capable of being labeled, all labels are simply a projection and vanity. There is nothing in existence that is actually objective and thus all language is only a metaphor and arbitrary abstraction.

Nothing is Personal

     Everything humans do is just a projection of one’s own inner world and actually has nothing to do with anyone or anything else. To have an opinion on anything is strictly a subjective reality and is absolutely only true to the one holding the opinion. This might seem obvious to some, yet the vast majority are trapped within the ego’s illusions and actually believe that their perceptions and opinions of things are completely true and objective and therefore it is everyone else that is mistaken. The ego believes in its viewpoint entirely and will defend it until death if necessary. The primitive ego hates admitting it’s wrong and struggles with its insecurities and inability to be humble. People thought it was crazy to accept that the world was round because it meant they’d have to give up their belief that is was quite obviously flat…

     The more primitive the ego, the more narcissistic it is, likewise, the more humbled the ego, the more benign, accepting, and unconditionally loving it is. The evolution of consciousness is the evolution of love and therefore a highly evolved being is the epitome of love and sees only perfection and innocence, meaning liberation from all labels or vanities of limited perception. At the dawning of enlightenment everything radically just is, without anything further needing to be added. All perceptions are surrendered, even seemingly positive and loving labels such as ‘wonderful’, ‘beautiful’, ‘lovely’, etc. which are essentially still just vanities.

Teachings from a Sunset

     To demonstrate, let us take the example of a sunset. One doesn’t even need to label it as ‘gorgeous’, ‘beautiful’, or otherwise captivating because doing so completely limits its true essence. It just is, and needs nothing else projected onto it. In a sense, just let the sunset be without projecting ego limitations of vanity on to it. All opinions are a vanity of projection. One can be in awe without limiting projections, just because we don’t label something as beautiful doesn’t mean we don’t feel it and know it by simply being truly present with the experience. The experience is in no way lacking by not using labels. In fact, it is quite the contrary. By surrendering the vanity of opinions, judgments, and labels there is a profound silence, stillness, and immutable peace that takes precedence. Without projections from ego triggers, meaning energetic cues that are in alignment with the ego’s belief systems, there is peace of mind since all desires are released. Everything stunningly just is and therefore can be appreciated utterly.

The Stubborn Ego

    Nevertheless, the ego loves to project itself onto life and make everything ‘about me’ and thus perceives everything through its theme of awareness that it holds as objective truth. And the ego is very serious in all of this, because it truly believes that its viewpoint and perspective of things is the actual only real and correct way or else it simply wouldn’t have any need to project its vanity to begin with. The ego is very strict in its attachments to its suffering due to its limited awareness. It doesn’t want to let go of its projections and attachments of identity because it is afraid of what will happen to it. Perhaps sensing that it is ultimately an illusion and is therefore fighting its own inevitable demise. The ego loves its suffering because it defines itself through it and thus the idea of letting go of suffering brings a feeling of ‘who/what would I be without my suffering?’ This is the doorway into the true spiritual quest of going beyond suffering and so into the unknown, or more accurately, the rarely known.

      The fear of the unknown is haunting to the ego and is the root of all of its fears. One could think of the ego as a frightened child in a dark room that forgot that at any moment it can turn on the light. Thus it is simply scaring itself and pretending that the fear and limitation is coming from outside itself in order to perpetuate its victimization. This all of course is a silly illusion, for the light is available at any moment it is only a matter of remembering to turn it on. This can only be done if one is dedicated and humble enough to let go of the ego’s defiance and prideful stance on things, e.g. there is no escaping suffering. In this example, the ego’s positionality is that there is no light available and one must suffer the darkness and accept the prevalence of fear, after all, the world is harsh and full of perpetrators and victims… This however is an illusion and strictly a false belief, for in reality the light is available it is only the ego’s limited viewpoint that is saying otherwise. This is simply demonstrating the point that in life, the ego is the positionality of lack, separation, victimization, and fear, while in Reality the ego’s beliefs are completely illusory. There is only abundance, unity, absence of fear, and Self in All, it is only a matter of remembering it, and thus ‘turn on the light’. All suffering is self-created and completely unnecessary just as it is unnecessary to search for something in a dark room without turning on the light. Hence, all suffering is a vanity of narcissism.

Understanding Projections of the Themes of Awareness

   To facilitate comprehension, perhaps think of the themes of awareness as essentially trends of ego projections based on groups of perspectives, values, interests, and overall spiritual awareness that it accepts as the dominant perceptual viewpoint of life. Thus by aligning with the theme of fear the ego perceives the world as full of fear and therefore projects that everything in the ego’s experience is fear based whether its fear of lack, limitation, death, loss, etc. the relevance is the context of fear that is projected into everything. As an example, one goes to work not because they enjoy it but rather because they are afraid of what would happen if they didn’t go such as not having money, not having a home, not having other physical securities, fear of not finding a better job, and inevitably the fear of death. Fear then guides motivation and colors all perceptions. As another example is in relationships this would manifest as perhaps fear of losing the other person, fear of being rejected, fear of being alone, fear of being slighted/cheated, fear of being vulnerable, and so on. Ultimately all fears can be traced back to the fear of death/nonexistence which is the ego’s greatest fear and thus its greatest illusion. Nevertheless, this concept of projection can be applied to all themes of awareness.

      Let us take another example of the theme of willingness/inspiration. Through all activities of life there would be a desire to be proactive, of service, or inspirational. So with work, one goes to work seeking to be as successful as possible, wanting to perfect one’s craft, and ultimately enjoying what it is one does, no matter how trivial the job may be. The joy stems from the willingness itself. In relationships this would manifest as a desire to always be improving the relationship and seeking to more effectively express and share love. And so it is with all the themes of awareness, it is simply a way of understanding that human consciousness aligns within an infinite field of energy, and since thoughts and beliefs are energy, all themes of awareness, or themes of energy, align and go together. Love attracts love, hate attracts hate, there are no victims in the universe.

Radical Humility

     Humility arises by realizing all of life is first of all subjective, and secondly, our opinion is only a opinion not the one and only‘ which then allows for open-mindedness and true progress. As consciousness evolves it eventually becomes completely open and accepting of all opinions and begins to dissolve its many held belief systems and limited perceptions through radical humility. This humility then is perfected through devotion, meditation, conviction, and relentless surrendering, letting go, turning away from, and disinvesting in all arbitrary ego vanities. Nothing is what it could be said to be, all language, all labels are arbitrary and distracting. The true essence of life’s experience is unnamable, beyond words, and beyond categorization. One need only take an oath of silence for an extended period of time to notice that as one becomes uninterested in verbalization, the mind progressively stops thinking in terms of words. Life becomes revealed as the subjective, nonverbal, unadulterated purity of childlike experience of wonder and innocence that it truly is. One need only let go in order to realize that which is obvious. All of life is equally lovable and equally the same without distractions otherwise. All suffering is a result of ignorance, created through narcissism, which is the ego’s vanity. To the awakened there is equal peace amidst tragedy or joy.

Everything is Only a Projection of One’s Inner Reality

     Everything the world offers to us is actually only perceived through our own projections that we agree to. No one can actually dislike us, we can only dislike ourselves, no one can actually love us, we can only love ourselves. Let us take the example of someone being cruel, harsh, or otherwise rude to us. In Reality it has nothing to do with us, it is only a projection of their own disappointment within themselves that they then project onto us. However, it is not actually objectively true, it only has the power that we agree to give it by going along with whatever is being projected. So someone can say we’re worthless all they want it doesn’t have to affect us because it is not actually true, and in fact by knowing that nothing is personal and everything is a projection, we can only have compassion for others who project such things because they’re really projecting that they feel worthless inside.

      Furthermore, when it comes to compliments this too is only a projection and is still not personal. When we compliment or extend love to others what we’re really doing is saying I love myself and thus I naturally project love to you. There is nothing personal in this, it is not the other person that is ‘special’ or otherwise particularly ‘deserving’, once one has awakened to a healthy self-love that love then naturally extends to everyone unconditionally. One has become love rather than it stemming from any external circumstance which is an illusion anyway. All life is only subjective, thus if we desire love, then simply express love and in so doing one subjectively experiences love. Instead, we think well no… I want someone to love me. This of course is impossible and is simply a cunning ego distraction, for even if one’s ‘perfect person’ comes along and fulfills one’s external desires and is the ideal lover it makes no difference because the choice still remains to believe and accept it or not. I can tell you how perfect I think you are and how much I love you but it means absolutely nothing if you don’t agree with it within yourself first. Hence, we can only love ourselves, it is not something that can be given, gained, or otherwise bartered for, it is strictly subjective and within.

Our Cosmic Unity

     As one makes significant progress it becomes increasingly clear that all sense of ‘others’ are in fact an illusion for all is only stemming from the same subjective ‘I-ness’ of existence that is the Self. Thus all existence is subjective and all the same essence, there are no separations in Reality. What this means in practicality is that we control our own experience of life as the purely inner experience that it is. Therefore as we love others we are really only loving Self for by merely expressing love one therefore experiences love as mentioned before, it actually has nothing to do anything external to us. Thus true unconditional love is inexhaustible, immutable, infinite, and eternal as that which is arising from within and is an inner decision. There is no actual ‘out there’, ‘others’, or subject and object relationships. All objective reality is the illusion, there is only subjectivity from which all experience arises. Thus all is radically one, therefore what I do for Self I do for All, and what I do for All I do for Self, for the All and the Self are one and the same. The Father and I are one

    Understanding our subjective unity brings a re-owning of the inner state of control, peace, and transcendence of limited perceptions allowing for a true freedom of expression since there is an innocence restored and thus one’s inner reality is free from limited beliefs of self-disapproval. As we then let go of disapproving of ourselves we then let go of disapproving of others. As we learn to fully accept ourselves with love and forgiveness we then naturally extend that to all others. Once this concept is truly understood, all of life, especially human interactions, becomes radically transformed given its implications.

All of Life is Subjective

   Literally everything human’s do is a projection of one’s inner state and nothing external is ever personal. Everything is arising purely within as a subjective experience and there is no actual objective reality. All of life is subjective and therefore our experience is completely internal and dictated strictly by the belief systems we hold to be true. As consciousness evolves the themes of belief systems become increasingly loving until the point of releasing all limitations as a restoration of innocence and knowingness of our perfection/innocence, that is to say, beyond all belief systems, labels, or conceptualizations. This eventually emerges as a state of being with the world by seeing the Divine within Self and all others as only fellow extensions of the same Self. Thus, realizing the Divine as the very essence of perfect love and unconditionality and one’s eternal, inherent unity with such perfection, brings forth humility, gratitude, and appreciation beyond limit and is truly ineffable.

The Cosmic Play

     We are all capable of actualizing this realization with enough dedication and commitment to the task. It is simply waiting to be realized, just as the actor who only has to remember, ‘oh yeah, this is just pretend/play’. The task is simply to remember to love and accept ourselves completely and let go of all narcissistic attachments to suffering, which we only experience because we’re choosing to. So instead, simply laugh them away, let them go, see them as the preposterous vanities of perception that they are. To recognize peace one must only surrender to that which is incredibly obvious. At which point one can only laugh in joy of the remembrance of the all present bliss that is beyond death, loss, or suffering of any kind. The glory of perfection shines forth as completely familiar as if to have secretly known it was there all along, one was simply pretending to not recognize it. The ego takes joy in this game and thereby denies Truth in order to perpetuate its infatuation with suffering. Suffering becomes addicting because it comes to define the ego as a part of its story of ‘who I am’. All of which is a vanity and limited contextual identity. The entire ego is an illusion, therefore all of its belief systems and projections are entirely limited and false delusions, just as the character an actor is playing is completely artificial and not who the actor truly is. The ego is the actor who forgets the play is not real.

     Therefore, surrendering the ego and thereby transcending suffering is the most rewarding and fulfilling pursuit in life yet few choose to actually set out on this journey of Self-realization. Strangely enough, humanity seems to love its suffering and would rather take its time waking up. So in the meantime for those who go before and lead the way we simply laugh as we watch our unawakened Self continue to play along within the ego’s games of illusion. However, we know that the suffering the ego experiences is not actually real it is only a vanity that is indulged in to consequentially feed the ego’s narcissism and addiction to its suffering. All of which can be readily let go of at any moment, it is only oneself that perpetuates all suffering and projections of lack, limitation, imperfection, disappointment, and loss. Thus compassion is fostered by realizing that the ego’s projections are simply infantile. The majority of humanity is actually quite childish, immature, and silly even though trying to appear on the contrary. The ego is a vainglorious fool performing on the stage of the world. It can only be laughed at, for the whole thing is a joke, a cosmic play of sorts, in which no one actually gets hurt, dies, or suffers. All is equally only the Self and all egos are simply illusions of the game of life in order to fulfill the melodrama of ‘who I am’ according to projections of awareness.

All is the Self

     Nothing in our external circumstances is personal, for there is no objective reality. Nothing is personal, for there is no actual independent, dualistic, personal self to begin with. We are the entire universe, not something separate ‘within’ it. The human ego believes itself to be somehow separate from its Source not realizing that such a notion is an impossibility. Just as we cannot not be a part of the universe, so can we never be separate from the Divine, for the Divine is the very essence of that which we are. The universe is equally everything within it and without which wouldn’t be the same universe, in the same way, Divinity is equally everything within it, that is to say, all existence, the entire universe, and infinite other universes beyond comprehension. We exist within the eternity of perfect love within every moment. We can fight the truth all we want but this is only proves the narcissistic ignorance of suffering, for the truth is only pure love, peace, and happiness.

     All is radically the same ‘I’. All is the same Self, simultaneously everyone yet paradoxically no ‘one’. The Self is all characters, all situations, all angles of perception, and ultimately all Creation ad infinitum. All projections of perception therefore are limitations. For the only true awareness possible is the primordial, immortal ‘I-ness’ of the Divine Self thus encompassing the realization that the Self is All That Is, beyond labels, conceptualization, limited perceptions or belief systems. Radical subjectivity is all encompassing and is the absolution of humility and gratitude to the point of ego dissolution. There is only Love and Innocence, and it is only a matter of deciding to recognize it or not, just as the frightened child remembering to turn on the light. Until then one will be trapped by the ego’s projections of illusion, the nightmare that one need only wake up from. To know the Self one must step into the unknown, that is to let go of suffering…


     Let us ponder these things for now and seek to truly implement the teaching that nothing external is personal. All is only a projection from within and by truly knowing this we are invulnerable and the epitome of self-empowerment because no one can ever hurt us, we can only choose to hurt ourselves. Likewise, no one can ever take love from us, we can only stop loving ourselves. We are the only one’s that dictate our experience of life, all else is a distracting illusion. This realization is capable of awakening profound happiness and joy due to the amazing power within it that is all pervasive, immutable, and invincible. We can allow it to change our lives by being open to it, truly accepting it and applying it completely without reserve. Observe the constant vanity and narcissism of projections, whether in ourselves or others. Notice the fact that literally everything is a vanity of projection and is distracting from the truth of silence that is innately subjective and therefore internal. As we choose to let the world be as it is peace and immutable love become dominant and suffering simply dissolves as the illusion it was the entire time. Go within and let the Self of perfect peace and love be revealed. Remember its all just play. Namaste’

Wishing us Peace and Love always-

Fallacy of Judgment, Truth of Consequence

        In conjunction with the post, God and the illusion of Judgment, I’d like to further elaborate on this fallacy given its profound importance in seeking true growth. Furthermore, this concept and notion of judgment is so destructive it is absolutely heartbreaking what it is capable of and it is vital to understand this error in order to be protected from its negative nature. In my own journey judgment caused endless struggle and suffering and to escape its arrogance/ignorance brought infinite peace and serenity. Thus because of this freedom it is my humble intention to assist others in enjoying the same liberation and restoration of eternal rightness and lovability. The following is an excerpt from The Liberated Lotus: Awakening Eternal Happiness.

    “Consequence and judgment seem similar and yet are entirely different in their contextual realms and concordant degrees of truth. Judgment is based in fear and control whereas consequence is based in love, devotion, and Truth. Judgment implies partiality and the ability to be conditionally loved. Consequence implies unconditional love and the power to control one’s own fate and that one is only subject to that which is chosen through alignment of the spiritual will and intentionality. In other words, God is not a judge. The soul determines its own fate according to its decisions and conscious alignment and therefore subjects itself to its own concordant consequences. God’s love is equally constant at all times regardless of alignment, and instead, is that which allows for all choices as a truly unconditional loving God beyond all fallacious limited notions of partiality. Likewise, God’s perfect love doesn’t have to be earned or ‘proven worthy of’ because it is completely devoid of such anthropomorphic needs or desires.

      There is no investment in the fallacious concept of judging for there is no one to do the judging in the first place. Divinity has no interest in judgment, needs, or desires and to believe so is extremely limiting to the nature of Divinity. Divinity is infinitely loving and unconditional and therefore is not subject to partiality of judgment. Divinity simply allows for consequences that are determined by oneself in every moment rather than some illusory separate judging God figure. Judgment day is every day, continuously within every moment, as dictated by consciousness’ alignment. Divinity is equally all things and therefore has no preference in what a soul chooses.

   Put briefly, if one continuously consciously aligns with unconditional love then the realms of Heaven and salvation are the consequence of such alignment. Likewise, if one consciously aligns with the energies absent/lacking love such as victimization, pride, hatred, or fear then realms of Hell are the consequence of such alignment. God has no preference or interest in either path, but rather equally, perfectly, and lovingly, allows for all options that are simply decided by each individual soul based on its alignment of awareness. Thus there is no reason to seek to control or condemn anyone, truth simply demonstrates the point of consequence and then allows all to choose for themselves. Truth has no preferences, desires, or motivations. Truth is unconditional, immutable, eternal, formless, and therefore beyond needs, approval seeking, or any other limited duality. With proper understanding of consequence, forgiveness and acceptance are able to come forth as powerfully healing energies of transformation.”

The Significance is the Inner Reality and Intention

    It is the importance of one’s intentions and the fact that one is trying rather than the content of what is going on. As many sages and the avatars have said, it is the fact one is on the path rather than where in particular. It is the meek, humble, and the consistently devoted seekers that are infinitely rewarded for it is their perseverance and devotion that are the guarantee of their blessings. Judgment is based primarily on content and in terms of religion, appearing ‘righteous’. Yet the truly righteous are humble, and righteous in silence, privately, and within. True righteousness has no interest in appearances and is beyond judgments of others. They have realized the complete distraction and ignorance of judgment and are concerned only with their inner reality, which is composed of their intentions, devotion, and dedication to Truth, and Truth only. The truly committed have no interest in subjecting themselves to the distraction of negativity and know that they are always loved, right, and perfect just as they are. By owning the truth of consequence one is free from all negativity because even while making ‘mistakes’ one is protected by knowing it is one’s humble desire to improve that leads to salvation.

All Suffering is Self-Created

    All suffering is self-created and thus in terms of consequence, one is free from suffering by realizing all suffering is only a vanity stemming from ignorance. One doesn’t need to suffer from or live in fear of judgment but instead accept the truth of consequence. Thus as upsets and set-backs occur along the path of self-improvement (as they inevitably will) one is free from the suffering and negativity that are tempting to indulge in. The truly wise accept that all seeming ‘mistakes’ or ‘failures’ are actually only perfect lessons and growing opportunities and have no interest in wallowing in self-defeat. Therefore with an understanding of consequence it allows one to transcend all obstacles through continued devotion and trust that all things necessary for one’s progression will be provided and indeed they are right now, in this very moment, always and forever. Divine Love will never forsake us, the notion itself is an impossibility. It is through this radical inner faith and dedication that one’s true reward is aligned through the consequence of such a pure loving belief. Anything that tells us otherwise is not based in love. For we are perfect always even while we stumble, and have nothing to prove or earn.

Judgment is a Temptation of Victimization and Vanity

    We must go beyond appearances, we are accountable only to ourselves and Divinity, which are inevitably realized to be one and the same. Thus one must release all attachment to judgment which is a temptation of victimization coming from the primitive ego and was unknowingly learned and accepted. Releasing attachment to judgment is to release attachment to the endless suffering that is caused by it. The primitive ego is getting something out of believing in judgment and loves all the energetic rewards it gets from it such as shame, self-defeat, or pride. In terms of humans judging each other, there is a vanity of feeling superior to others such as the trap of being ‘more righteous’ while others are ‘sinners’. Or that one’s particular view on life is the one and only or otherwise better/best. This is the most ridiculous of ego creations as the notion of judgment is taken to its absurd level of arrogant projection.

    To project judgment onto anyone else is the most ignorant of all ego vanities. By letting go of this vanity one accepts consequence which is humble and has absolutely no concern for projecting onto others for to do so is realized to subject oneself to the consequence of doing so. Consequence has innate to itself the essence of love because one naturally only aligns with loving others due to proper understanding of consequence. By embracing consequence one knows that to love others is to only love oneself for the consequences of such pure intentions only rewards oneself. Indeed, it is the one who gives the service who is the ultimate receipt of blessings not the other way around. Hence Christ’s teaching of let the greatest amongst you be your servant.

Love Thyself

    True devotion comes from loving oneself which naturally extends to others effortlessly. Nothing should be forced, we should always be following our natural blissful state. Simply and profoundly, love thyself, not in an egotistical manner but in a healthy respectful way that is self-fulfilling and naturally extends to loving others. If we forget to love ourselves we quickly become overdrawn and exhausted from the world. The importance becomes paying attention to boundaries. We must always honor our self-love first, otherwise our love for others is not pure and is more so out of obligation rather than true giving. This is subsequently detrimental to all involved.

Transcend Judgment and Awaken to the Beauty All Around

   Transcending judgment and realizing the beauty and love innate to consequence is absolutely transformative in its effect on our inner happiness and peace of mind. Judgment is an illusion, there are no external forces/powers to reckon with, all things are only within, including Divinity. Thus, go within and we will never go without.

    Find peace in knowing we are perfect always and could never be otherwise. We are unconditionally loved throughout all our wanton ways, we are always lovable throughout our ‘mistakes’ or ‘failures’ for they don’t actually exist as such, it is only the perception of them that gives them negativity. All things are actually blessings in disguise, some are just more obvious than others. By aligning with consequence we re-own our power innately within and realize that it is our purity of heart and intentions that are most relevant, the world can judge all it wants it doesn’t have to effect us because we know nothing is personal. And even more so, we can only have compassion for others who are judgmental because they are only projecting their own inner judgment and self-disapproval. Consequence extends love, judgment projects ‘wrongness’. Align with love and be free forever by allowing for significant growth to come forth. The surge of positive loving energy that comes from letting go of judgment is absolutely amazing and life will truly never be the same. I love you unconditionally and infinitely as the same Self. We are one always and forever.

Namaste’, Peace and Love always-

Identifying and Understanding Ego Attachments

     In light of the recent redefining of the ego, let us discuss the ego’s proclivities and methods of attachment that are the root of all human suffering.

All Truth is Relative

    For starters we must clarify that all truth is relative to the the level of understanding from which it is arising and therefore applicable to. For example, to an ego that believes itself to be a body, revenge and contending with others for survival is absolutely true and a guiding principle for that level of awareness. However, to a more evolved ego that perceives itself as say, a soul, such behavior is no longer seen as necessary or relevant and thus forgiveness, acceptance, and peace become guiding truths. So we must always remember that while there is such a thing as Absolute Truth it is most likely not comprehensible to the majority. It is important to always remember the humility of accepting that all truth is relative thus allowing for an open-mindedness and acceptance of others’ viewpoints. With that said, allow yourself to surrender resistance and be open-minded to the discussion that follows.

The Ego’s Tactics of Being a Victim

     The ego is essentially composed of belief systems and attachments to certain positions it has taken regarding particular topics, self-identities, values, interests, or circumstances, this we refer to as positionalities. These belief systems and positionalities are learned through parents, friends, and society and once accepted, are then reinforced constantly through repeated expectation and confirmation of belief in them. For example, once the ego accepts that life is full of fear and hardship it will then go about perceiving scenarios that reinforce this belief in order to maintain its control and sense of truth. So in the course of a day, events unfold that allow the ego to perceive its beliefs as self-evident in order to continue to reconfirm its victimization and reinforcement that life is hard and full of reasons to fear. However, this is purely based on subjective awareness and is purely a choice stemming from within whether one wants to admit it or not. The ego in the most defensive and deeply entrenched states will completely deny this. The primitive ego loves feeding energy into being a victim because it is completely self-fulfilling through its self-loathingness. I’m sure all of us have come across these kinds of people who love feeding their victimization rather than taking responsibility. It is the notion of preferring to wallow in one’s misery rather than do anything about it. It ultimately is immature, infantile, and the primitive ego essentially needs to ‘grow up’. This however, requires assistance from loving and supportive others or an extreme ‘hitting bottom’ event in order to either provide support or a drastic wake up call.

     The primitive ego believes itself to be completely separate from the love and goodness of life and believes itself to be full of lack and struggle. The ego has learned from infancy or from an extreme set-back in life that love and happiness are fleeting, purely external, and one is lucky if one ever gets to experience them. Therefore if the chance ever does arise the ego has to hold on to whatever it is that is providing the source of temporary happiness and thus becomes attached to the particular external stimuli. This takes the form of people, places, things, and desired circumstances. All of which are external and out of one’s control and therefore one is either a victim or lucky receipt of happiness or suffering. The  naive ego perceives the world full of victims and perpetrators and is constantly on guard. Peace of mind is perpetually elusive.

All Responses to Life are a Choice

     It is significant to realize that nothing in life actually has any meaning in and of itself, it is only the meaning that we give to it based on our perception of it. What this is implying is that in Reality there is no such thing as tragedy or suffering, only the imposed belief as such, it is purely an inner choice. One can either see pain and suffering or one can choose to see only progress and love. This however, is reflective of a more advanced ego that has accepted its inner power and ability to create its own happiness or misery in life. All happiness is an inner decision and thus the world actually has no power over us other than what we give to it. The whole world could be coming to an ‘end’ and one could either laugh about it or cry, it’s still just a choice. To not get ahead of ourselves let us take a look at how the evolution of the ego’s attachments proceeds.

The Primitive Ego and its External Attachments

     In the beginning, as mentioned in the redefining, the ego’s attachments stem based on the world of form. In terms of human psychological development this is first learned from the relationship with the mother figure. This dependency on the external then expands into anything that the ego deems as its ‘love object’. Thus the body, possessions, status, age, wealth, relationships, and all other things pertaining to one’s physical reality are completely significant and are seen to define oneself as the sense of ‘who I am’. This is reflective of the most ‘young’/immature egos. It is guided purely by the inconsequential, superficial, external, and worldly. Due to their inherent nature these attachments are completely vulnerable since they are based entirely on the fleeting external world. All form shall pass, therefore to be attached to any of it is eventually realized to be a misuse of energy. This however most often takes us our entire lives to learn in which we chase external happiness through relationships, possessions, or one’s career. This chase of course will never end, for the ego’s need for external satisfaction can never truly be satisfied. The ego in this level thrives on novelty, therefore as soon as it reaches its goal it immediately is unsatisfied and says… “now what?” This then leads to the setting of yet another external goal/attachment and the cycle repeats.

     When the ego’s sense of self is invested in the physical body and external world its desires are endless and the search for happiness is eternally elusive. The ego in this level will always be searching until, if it’s lucky, deliverance is provided through the realization that perhaps happiness is within rather than without.

The Ego and the Mind

     This then leads the ego to investigating its inner world which either leads straight to spirituality through devotion/compassion (pathway of the heart) or to the development of the intellect as a source of salvation (pathway of the mind). In this experience the intellect became the next source of fulfillment and therefore everything that could be done to satisfy one’s intellectual attachments became of interest. This came in the form of college, medical school, a masters program, and interest into quantum and theoretical physics, all of which were inevitably limited. When the ego begins to shift attachment to intellectual pursuits everything is about knowledge, information, and increasing the power of the mind. The ego then becomes attached to its sense of ‘I know’ and therefore bases its judgments off of intellectual superiority of one’s education, prestige, intellectual prowess, and essentially the vanity of ‘knowledge’. Opinions and pontification run high as the ego’s vanity now escalates to a whole new caliber.

     Nevertheless, in the realms of ego attachment as the mind, one’s sense of self is much more satisfying because one has realized that all happiness in life is dictated by one’s inner perceptions. The ego in the realms of the intellect eventually learns that it is only one’s mind that is controlling the response to and enjoyment of life. This is the epitome of the self-empowered and can eventually evolve up to the point of scientific genius. The ego’s attachments in this realm regard everything to do with the intellect and one’s ability to ‘think’ and ‘know about’ things. This too is eventually realized to be exhausting and still ultimately unfulfilling and bottomless. The ego as the mind is inevitably limited in lasting satisfaction, for even scientific genius has to eventually succumb to the radical humility of realizing the mind is actually not responsible for its own thoughts. All thoughts are impersonal and arising from something beyond the mind (energy patterns within consciousness). Furthermore, the mind has to accept that it ultimately is not capable of sustaining its own existence, rather its existence is realized to be given and provided from something beyond itself that is observing it and providing its very core of awareness. Lastly, the pursuit of knowledge is still based on fleeting form and therefore will pass in due time. This leads to the eventual conclusion that spirituality is ultimately one’s true sense of self and seems to be eternal in promise of satisfaction.

Humility Inevitably Leads to Spirituality

     Investing in spirituality now becomes truly relevant whereas in the realms of the ego as the mind, the spiritual was seen as mystical, unmeasurable, and therefore uninteresting. The ego as the mind cannot trust or even be truly interested in the realms of spirituality or true love since they deal with the nonlinear subjective realms of existence that are incapable of being scientifically measured or proven. The true genius however sees the arrogance and limitation of this and surrenders out of humility. As mentioned, it is helpful to realize that the mind will ultimately pass and one can instead investigate how is it that one exists to begin with. Although the mind may be capable of scientific genius it ultimately has to accept the fact that it is only being allowed existence by something beyond itself.

Thus leads to the study of consciousness…

Universal Unity

Attachment is the Root of All Human Suffering

     For now let us reflect on the proclivities of the ego and its constant formation of attachments. The last thing the ego wants to do is surrender/let go of its attachments of attractions and aversions, opinions, control, judgments, and vanity of positionalities. Therefore so long as there are attachments, suffering is inevitable. This is exactly what the Buddha taught in terms of reaching spiritual enlightenment, which is the relinquishment of the ego and thus all of its attachments to attractions or aversions in life. The ego is wily and incredibly clever and as it evolves it becomes increasingly sophisticated and intricate. However, as ego attachments are surrendered and let go of, happiness, inner fulfillment, and joy are able to arise as that which was always present, the ego was simply blocking one from experiencing it. By analogy, it is like clouds blocking the sun that was shining the entire time one just couldn’t see it before. The irony is that happiness and peace of mind are the natural states of being, it is actually the ego’s illusory belief that happiness is elsewhere separate or external that causes all suffering. As mentioned, this is usually originally learned in infancy and being denied true unconditional love from the parent figures that is then reinforced by society. Thus the ego can be thought of as the essence of projection of happiness and love outside of us and is therefore never present or truly content. It is the very core and root of all attempts to control life and the source of all attachments in life which is suffering.

There is nothing more important or significant when it comes to finding lasting satisfaction in life. Transcend the ego, transcend all suffering.

     Know that there is infinite love waiting within us that need only simply be realized as that which was present the entire time one just couldn’t see it before. With humility and gratitude as one’s source of empowerment all obstacles can be transcended and surrendered in order to realize the eternal, immutable happiness that is our natural enlightened state of being. We are pure love, and as such I extend infinite love to you and wish only that you may walk on a blissful path. Seek the peace within, and we will never go without. Namaste’

Peace and Love always-

The Many Faces of the Ego

     With the return to writing the first thing that I’d like to revisit is the concept of the ego in hopes of solidifying a clear, working definition in order to facilitate the greatest comprehension. For starters, this is not the ‘ego’ as outlined in psychoanalysis by Freud and Jung but rather is a more spiritual perspective that is referring to a self-identity, ‘character script’ with its likes, dislikes, attractions and aversions, and attachments all of which we believe is who we are, the ‘me’ and ‘I’. This ego identity is formed within our consciousness and to best understand the ego we must first clarify what is consciousness.

Consciousness: For all intents and purposes of this writing, consciousness refers to the soul, spirit, karmic inheritance, life force, or Qi/chi; they are all the conveying the same essence. In this human experience it is the accumulation of conscious experience of existence and therefore reflects an overall contextual awareness that has been learned throughout one’s seemingly separate existence from Divine Consciousness (the Collective – Oneness). Consciousness also refers to the infinite field of Creation as the Light of Life, however for the sake of this writing it will be primarily in reference to the personal sense of consciousness/a soul unless otherwise stated. Therefore, we can think of consciousness as the essence of life that illuminates and animates the human brain and thus the body. Furthermore, consciousness is the notion of an eternal soul that goes beyond the body and is not subject to death or birth.

    With this defined we can now expand this definition to realize that consciousness is capable of “degrees of awareness” of itself, its context for life, and of Divinity. These degrees of awareness manifest on the physical plane as the endless expressions of form (physical life) on the earth or otherwise. The most limited degrees of awareness express itself as the minimum requirement for existence such as a single celled organisms that represent the building-blocks of life. As life began on the earth it was extremely basic and simple and had to begin acquiring energy from the external world in order to survive. As far as the emerging animal kingdom, the evolution of consciousness gave rise to the context of the personal ego/self that had to contend with ‘others’ and nature in order to survive. The use of the term ‘ego’ is referring to the sense of personal self and therefore the source/drive for survival that is inherited by all conscious beings in order to propagate life. The ego therefore is not an enemy, problem, or something ‘bad’, but rather is simply a biological inheritance that comes with being a conscious creation of life, human or otherwise. However, the ego’s proclivities are based on the degree of conscious awareness and responds accordingly. As consciousness evolves the nature of the ego becomes less aggressive and selfish in nature and takes on a more benign and harmonious approach to life. Animals representing these more expanded levels of awareness emerged with the advent of herbivores, maternal nurturing, pack/family loyalty, and cooperation.

Evolution of the Intellect 

     Eventually, with the emergence of early humans came the evolution and development of the intellect as the source of survival through its abilities of inspired tool making, inventions, and survival skills. The intellect’s ability to comprehend a context of life allowed humankind to be capable of experiencing an incredibly wide range of conscious awareness within the human family. It is this ability of having differing contexts for life that accounts for the vast spectrum of human behavior and differing perspectives we see on the earth today. The themes of consciousness within humans before evolving to a state of integrity are based in the primitive nature of the human animal focused on self-interest/selfishness, vindictiveness, disregard for the concern of others, and therefore seeing the external world and others as enemies to be contended with or manipulated and taken advantage of for one’s own gain. However, eventually this theme of consciousness was transcended in various cultures and tribes and humankind was able to begin to move into realms of group participation and cooperation thus bringing with it endless benefits from sharing common interests.

     With the emergence of highly conscious beings on the earth their expanded awareness was able to help shift the collective consciousness into higher realms of overall awareness. Even though the conscious awareness of humanity has evolved relatively slow over thousands of years, as it reaches new heights the increase in Truth and lovingness with each advance is exponential in scale. Even the smallest amount of growth can be extremely powerful in the overall level of love and peace that it brings for self and all others. The evolution of consciousness is essentially the evolution of lovingness as the core of the selfish animal nature is transcended and our soul evolves into the purely selfless Self-Realized embodiment of Divine Love. It is at this point that Love itself becomes known to be the very essence that propagates the entire universe and is the source of all Creation.

    The ego then can be thought of as simply a remnant and biological construct of self-identity that changes to match a being’s level of conscious awareness. The ego however, is not personal it is simply an inherited quality of being born human, or any other living creature of self-propagation. Therefore we can only have compassion toward it and its attachments rather than resentment or guilt. This is easy to understand as far as observing the human animal tendencies but when we add the fact that humans have the incredibly rare ability to understand context they therefore are enabled to ponder and seek their Source of Existence. This quality yields an incredibly resourceful ego that can also constantly evolve and become increasingly more sophisticated in nature as consciousness evolves.

Primary Ego Identities

     Simplifying it into four primary groups, our ego self-identity first believes itself to be the human body/animal and therefore associates all sense of self as such. Thus, what we have, do, and biologically/genetically possess is very important and all lend to forming our sense of self. This range of awareness is quite obvious to notice manifested in society as those of us who are obsessed with materialism, physical vanity and dominance, and prestige. Everything pertaining to the physical form is therefore of absolute interest and is the source of all satisfaction and fulfillment in life. The identity on this level is the most basic, survival-oriented self and therefore a representation of our animal heritage and concerned with physical gratification/pleasures. As consciousness evolves this is seen to be limited and extremely lacking in fulfillment because it is bound by the physical world and in the physical world all things shall fade and pass. Out of body and near-death experiences are extremely helpful in facilitating a soul/consciousness to realize that the body is completely irrelevant as far as defining as lasting definition of who I am.

     If destined to continue the identity then evolves to a state of associating itself primarily with the mind and therefore believes itself to be valued according to its knowledge and wisdom as an intellect. Consciousness at this point has realized that the body is extremely limiting as a sense of self and is therefore not possibly a true, everlasting self-identity. Thus, the ego shifts to its next idea of who it could really be. As the mind, the self-identity at this stage values everything regarding knowledge, intelligence, and the ability to think of things. It is therefore often obsessed with its own opinions and thoughts. Our identity at this stage can evolve to the state of intellectual and scientific genius but it is nevertheless missing out on the full potential of human life and still associated with form, duality, and Newtonian limitations such as causality. In general, the ego at this point associates itself with the idea that “I know” and therefore is the epitome of intellectual intrigue but when viewed from a higher perspective it is still simply grasping at smoke.

     Next if consciousness continues to evolve due to spiritual exposure our ego-identity realizes that it is limited in its understanding and that the linear/scientific world can only go so far and there is more that is not being recognized and acknowledged. Humility and gratitude for our existence starts to have value and true love and appreciation emerges for the first time. Thus the ego moves into associating itself with the soul and therefore becomes ‘spiritualized’. Our ego’s identifying features and goals in the spiritual realms associates itself primarily with embodying unconditional love because we have realized our more eternal nature and therefore seek salvation and to create/seek heaven within. We at this point associate ourselves as a soul and begin to see the body/mind simply as a vessel for communication and only a transient form being used to express spiritual lessons/karma that need to be learned, understood, and healed in order to further our eternal progression. However, there is still an independent of Divinity, personal self clinging on at this point and therefore our sense of identity still hasn’t reached its full potential, although we are highly loving and accepting/forgiving at this point.

     Next our ego identity evolves into its highest category within the human realm before enlightenment as an association within consciousness itself. This means that the ego has evolved to the realization that it is the observer/witness of life and therefore the body/mind is completely impersonal and unfolding of its own according to karmic alignment. Consciousness has essentially become conscious of itself and its unchanging presence in the background of all life’s experiences. This means that our ego has officially separated its sense of self from the human personality and realized that all of physical life is fleeting in nature and unfolding according to a much grander karmic alignment than is comprehensible. One could say that at this point the ego fully associates itself with the spirit/consciousness to the point that it realizes the body/mind is not personal (ie. who it is). Thus the sense of self at this point becomes very paradoxical in nature and signifies a shift into the realms of awakened or enlightened in which there is no longer any personal attachment to the persona/body-mind. Therefore, the ego has officially moved into its final stages within the human realm as an association within consciousness itself. Therefore the ego associates itself as a soul/essence of awareness completely and totally and releases any association or sense of self with the body/mind.

      This is the point I’d like to temporarily stop at for now, for to go any further would be to venture into realms that are more or less beyond the scope of this conversation and can be found here if interested in continuing. For now the point is that our ego identities are ever evolving, increasingly sophisticated, and cunning set of belief systems that changes in concordance with our consciousness’ evolution of awareness. The ego’s belief systems of identity are an impersonal manifestation within consciousness that continues to associate itself with varying degrees of attachment to separate, independent identities and duality. To seek enlightenment then is to seek to transcend the ego and its beliefs in separation in order to realize the True Self as the Self-Realized mystic/avatar – Divinity Realized/Christ/Krishna/Buddha consciousness.

The Ego is Suffering

      It is important to also see that the ego is suffering for it is the very source of all suffering to begin with. Without an attachment of identity there is no ‘one’ to suffer and nothing that would trigger suffering in the first place, all just simply would be, peacefully and perfect, As Is. The degree of the ego’s investments and attachments is in perfect agreement with our degree of suffering and happiness. For example, in the most closed-off ranges of human conscious awareness suffering is extreme and constant while happiness is completely absent. Contrarily, in the most expanded ranges of human conscious awareness suffering is absent and happiness and love are constant and increasingly ineffable in quality. As mentioned before, the evolution of consciousness is essentially the evolution of love and happiness. Therefore the only way to seek true happiness, love, fulfillment, and inner peace is to transcend the ego. The ego is the source of all suffering, for it is technically suffering itself.

     To be devoted and dedicated to spiritual work and transcending the ego is the greatest and most noble service we could perform for ourself and as well as for all humanity. To transcend the ego is to awaken to eternal happiness and this happiness is then only perpetually shared with all humanity simply by our beingness/existence. This becomes apparent when we realize that all is connected through the Collective Field of Consciousness and therefore our personal growth is equally shared with all. To be devoted/dedicated to awakening to enlightenment is the most noble, charitable, and serviceable/loving thing we could dedicate our life to. We could say that the most loving thing we could do is seek our own happiness and liberation from suffering. The irony then, is that all we must do is love ourselves… the highest form of this being seeking enlightenment through transcending the limitations of the ego.

     The irony only continues when we realize that the ego doesn’t exist in the first place, it is only a fabrication within consciousness that is only a temporary, fleeting, limited construct that we unknowingly agreed to because we were taught to. That is until a guru comes and expands our awareness with eye-opening Truth to ponder. In the meantime the ego must be accepted as real and then sought to be understood before we can ever transcend it. Hence we must master the con/ego’s tricks before we can transcend it. Upon Self-Realization all ego investment is seen to have been a dream or perhaps a period of forgetfulness and we wonder how it was ever believed in the first place. The obviousness of Truth becomes completely self-evident and with the limiting self-identity dissolved there is only eternal happiness, love, gratitude, and serenity in the background of all our experiences. All searches have ended and one is eternally home in the comfort of Divine Peace. It is the essence of ineffable love itself.

     Let’s ponder these things for now and see what arises. As always, know you are loved beyond measure and are absolutely perfect in every moment. There is no measure to your glory for you are truly divine and accepted always and forever. All is exactly as it should be and couldn’t be any other way. All only unfolds for the greatest good and progression of all beings interconnected. It is therefore acceptance, gratitude, and surrender that are the fundamental core of our greatest power.

May you find what it is you are seeking.

Peace and Love always-

God and the Illusion of Need

Mankind’s Illusions

     It has become apparent to me that it is time to discuss the concept of God and the illusions that mankind has created. These illusions are important to understand and notice in order to help correct the damages they have facilitated. Countless lives have been not only ended in the name of these illusions but also completely controlled, guided, and mentally imprisoned by them. Countless lives have been spent lost and confused because of these illusions, and it’s time to think about our fundamental belief systems and if they really serve us. That is if we want to change, you are the creator of your own experience, I write assuming that you are here seeking liberating truths to ponder.

     The first and main illusion that is important to discuss is the illusion of need. I would invite you to enjoy these thoughts with an open mind and heart and let the truth set you free. Like the cork being held down below the surface of the water, we need to remove our limiting belief systems that are keeping us held under falsity so that we may rise up to the surface and be liberated. Once we remove the obstacles to enlightenment/peace of mind it comes naturally as part of our own evolution, just like the cork naturally floats to the surface when it is set free.

  Throughout humankind’s existence, we have tried to understand and comprehend a Higher Power that we could not help but recognize and acknowledge. Even with a brief study of religion one can notice the obvious evolution of thought. First humans worshiped physical idols such as the sun, stars, and moon. Then to make sense of the changes in nature and the more physical aspects of earthly life, they projected the ‘controllers of the universe’ as gods with human like traits, appearances, and issues. This was polytheistic at first then eventually simplified into more or less one being or a trinity that is somehow also technically one. In the East notions of a God as Self (such as with Buddhism and Zen) evolved also along with the notion that God is in fact all things and therefore has many faces, such as with Hinduism and the plentitude of ‘Gods’ – all of which are references to the same One. Mysticism and spirituality (personal experience) evolved alongside these notions as well as a fundamental essence of consciousness and ‘spirit’ that went beyond this world and therefore was eternal in nature. Some would even say this was first, such as the dictations in the Upanishads that were passed down from sage to student since beginning of man. Yet overall, there tended to be a sense of answering to some ‘thing’/’one’ outside ourselves thus demonstrating projection at its finest.

Transcending the Illusion of Separation

    It is time for humankind to take another step in our evolution of belief systems, specifically our understanding of God. For starters we have to accept the fundamental reality that we are all connected and One. This is no longer just a spiritual truth but has been shown to be a scientific certitude through studies such as advanced quantum theories, that are undeniable in this day and age. For more information you could research on your own the notions of the universe as a hologram, the collapse of the wave function, infinite potentiality (the same atom simultaneously appearing in two places somehow), or string theory. With this being said we can then deduce that God, or this notion of Oneness/Nonduality, is everything and anything that is, was, and ever will be. And since we exist, or at least seem to, we are a part of the ‘everything and anything’, therefore we are a part of God. Most specifically, we realize the implication thusly, we are God in human form.

     This is hard for us to accept initially because we’ve been taught for so long to project Divinity away from ourselves and onto an external power/being. We’ve been programmed to believe self-defeating ideas of, “Who am I to be so powerful and divine?” “Who am I to be so perfect exactly as I am?” “Who am I to not be punished or judged?” Yet with our newfound realizations being discussed, we must open our mind to the most obvious fact that there is nothing external to us, for all that we experience is subjective and therefore completely within us.

Just as a drop of water into the ocean becomes and is one with the Ocean, so it is with us: one with the Ocean that is Divinity/Source. It is the illusion of the ego that clings so desperately to the notion of duality that would have us believe we are separate from everything and anything, especially our Source of Existence. Which if we think about for a moment has to be impossible because how could we exist if we were actually separate from our Source of Existence…

If we understand the process of the mind and the group of belief systems we refer to as the ‘ego, we can then begin to understand spirituality and Divinity on a level of truth rather than within the illusion of the lack and separation.

No Separation

Letting Go of Lack

     So I ask, if God is everything and everything is God then how could God ever need anything? Quite simply, It couldn’t. There is nothing that God needs because God is All That Is. Once we start to step back from our commonly held beliefs and understand this expanded view fully it will open our consciousness to a whole new way of viewing life. A wonderful perspective on this comes from Neale Walsch’s book, Communion with God:

“Need is non-existent in the Universe. One needs something only if one requires a particular result. The Universe does not require a particular result. The Universe is the result.

Need is likewise non-existent in the mind of God. God would need something only if God required a particular result. God does not require any particular result. God is that which produces all results.

If God needed something to produce a result, where would God get it? There is nothing that exists outside of God… There is nothing that is, that is not God.”

     These are powerful truths conveyed simply and clearly and if we open up to a new perspective we will realize their depth. We are divine and glorious and in truth we are an embodiment of the Divine. This is the most beautiful conceptual view and belief we could ever have about ourselves. This is not meant as a prideful statement for we are realizing all are Divine, meaning we respect ourselves to the utmost and therefore all others in the same way. To clarify, we are not saying, “I am Divine and all else are somehow different”, we are saying, “my brothers and sisters, I see you as I see myself, as the most wonderful creations in all existence, we are perfect in any and all ways. None are ‘wrong’, none are ‘better’, all share in the glorious perfection that we are.”

We are Magnificent in Our Perfection

     We’ve discussed this before, but we could never reiterate it enough, we are absolutely magnificent in our perfection. We are never ‘wrong’ in the traditional sense, for all is perfect and ‘right’. There is no ‘need’ in life other than what we choose there to be. Once we realize that we are one with All That Is how could we ever need anything. The problem that arises and why this is difficult for us to accept is because we believe we need certain things to be happy. Because we think we need certain things to be satisfied with life we project that mentality onto a God who needs something to be happy as well. Because we can’t imagine a human that needs nothing to be happy we can’t imagine a God who needs nothing to be happy. But this is the biggest illusion ever conjured.

External Projection of Happiness

     This is an illusion on various levels but for starters we know this can’t be true because as we’ve discussed before all is created from within us. Nothing external is actually going to make us happy, it is only the mind’s projection of value onto to external things that make us seek them in the first place. No where can this be more readily seen then in today’s consumer culture. Objects that have no practical use are coveted and valued to the point where people will lie, steal, cheat, and kill for them. This is all absurd and unfortunate since it’s all based on the illusion to begin with. Let us remember,

“Happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are created as a result of happiness. This statement holds true for every other state of being as well.” – Neale Walsch

Happiness is Created Within Us

Happiness is Not Something External

     It is only once we realize that we need nothing in particular to be happy that we are able to accept that God needs nothing to be happy. Of course, this makes sense seeing how humankind tends to project their beliefs onto external things, including God. Because we judge ourselves we project judgement onto others and project judgment coming from God. So now we see that due to the confusion that the illusions of separation and lack have created by making us think happiness and rightness and other desirable states of mind are external to us, we have forgotten the truth about ourselves. We have forgotten how marvelous and perfect we already are without any ‘need’ for any external thing. All that we think we’re seeking from the external is already within us to begin with. All notions of a ‘need’ stem from a belief of lack and separation, yet we note since all experience arises subjectively and therefore, within, there could be nothing to search for.

     We are right no matter what because there is no right or wrong, good or bad in the first place, these are figments of our collective imagination. These are constructs of the  mind lost in victimization and separation that keeps us trapped in limiting thinking and thus robs us of joy and peace. The mind uses thoughts like this to fill us with fear and undesirability. However, if we turn this process around we can deduce: since all value is projected, why not project value and acceptance to all situations and all things? This would imply beauty and appreciation for all – unconditional love. But our mind fights this because then it would lose its ability to judge, play victim, be lacking, separate from happiness and peace, and inflate itself above others. Yet when we apply this realization and transcend this type of limited thinking even if for brief moments, we move into a field of acceptance and the realization of perfection.

Illusions of ‘Survival’

     Another aspect of this discussion, is that we feel we need things to survive, but if we are the All and we are a part of Divinity, then we need nothing to survive because we can never die. It is only the mind of duality that can die and thus it fills us with fear of death, a death that is only an illusion created by the mind in the first place. There is no such thing as death/end, only transition to another experience or version of ourselves that we choose.

    To truly grasp the concept that All is one and one is the All, we have to see that there is no ‘end’ and no ‘beginning’ since there has to be the opposite for the other to arise. If we go beyond time and duality and see that if all is connected and everything is one then there is no something else, or opposition because how could something oppose itself.

Could we actually accept that the universe just is/exists without end or beginning?

Enlightenment Going Beyond Duality

Going Beyond Duality

     This brings up the notion that we were taught to believe there is an opposition to happiness, peace, and existence. This type of thinking also implies again that God could be unhappy, not peaceful, not powerful or in control, and could not exist. But by now we can see how this is an obvious fallacy because we’d have to ask if God is all powerful and is all that is,

“Why would God choose things to occur that would make God unhappy? The answer is an answer that you can not accept.”

“Nothing makes God unhappy.” – Neale Walsch

     This is a powerful truth that can set us free if we let it. But the mind thrives off this illusion and uses it for the majority of its cons. The illumined being needs nothing to be happy because they know that there is nothing to need in the first place. This implies that merely existing is the beauty and purpose of life and whatever we choose to do with this gift is absolutely sublime. There is no need other than what we choose there to be.

It’s all Simply Up to Us – There’s No One Else to Blame

    Thus, we see that life is merely a choice to express ourselves in the highest and grandest version that we choose for ourselves. If we want to be happy, peaceful, friendly and loving then we can live a life emulating these qualities and enjoying the experience of them. If we want to choose a life of war, struggle, pain, and suffering that’s our right too and can spend our lifetime emulating those qualities and enjoying the experience of them. The beauty and perfection is in the choice. All is perfect and beautiful when we realize that all is exactly as we think according to our own desires and creations.

     Once we know how to create eternal happiness and fulfillment within ourselves we begin to create continuous conditions of expressing and experiencing more of it by laws of the universe. Like attracts like and thus love attracts love, pain attracts pain, joy attracts joy, fun attracts fun, and so on. Therefore, there is no need other than our own imagination and heart’s endless desires for creation and existence. We need only to exercise our Divinity and create life however we choose, for life is not ‘happening’ to us as the ego mind would have us think, but we are creating life in every moment with every thought and with every action.

Need is an illusion due to the fact that there is nothing that is not perfect and beautiful to begin with. Need implies there is something that is undesirable, but all is desirable according to the belief system that is creating it. We are all creating exactly what we desire, even if it is to be a victim of something ‘undesirable’. We secretly wanted the experience of feeling like a victim, I can admit I have, and so it is/was… Yet this applies for all manifestations of life, we are the only ones that limit ourselves and our joy.

Dream on dreamers, what do you desire?

Live Life Free and True - Follow Your Bliss

“Need does not exist. It is a fiction. In reality, you need nothing to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind.” – Neale Walsch

     As mentioned before, as happiness is discovered to be internally flowing from an infinite, eternal spring our definition of happiness and concepts of pleasure begin to evolve naturally through the progression of our energy field(i.e. vibrations). In other words, as we become more and more aligned with Divinity and therefore unconditional acceptance and appreciation, we create life full of splendor and joy for ourselves that naturally radiates to others. Life becomes a sacred gift of bliss, happiness, and joy in every moment. And the more we focus on this concept the more it becomes clear that every moment of life is a moment of Divine expression.

     Thus, truth continues to attract more truth and we naturally evolve in awareness by attracting to us experiences or material that will expand our level of understanding. Think for a second why you find yourself here reading this right now. You attracted this to yourself one way or another just as I attracted the experience of writing it all down to share with you. When we start to view our reality in this way we are filled with absolute appreciation and gratitude for everything in our lives. Every action we take is an action of the Divine, every thought, every emotion, and all of life’s expressions are simply expressions of Divinity being. When our consciousness accepts this we can not help but be filled with compassion and unconditional love for all as we are humbled by the brilliant perfection of life.

Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

     Buddha was once said to have stared at a flower in awe of its brilliance in front of his students and only one among them smiled with extreme ecstasy and joy in what was being taught. The lesson was in recognizing the absolute beauty and divine perfection in All That Is (i.e. the flower). And to take it the furtherest, yes, even in all pain and suffering there is perfection and divine essence that can be honored and held sacred.

Until the weed isn’t just a ‘weed’ anymore one has not seen God. Until trash or dirt isn’t just ‘trash’ or ‘dirt’, until pain isn’t just ‘pain’, until the sun isn’t just a ‘sun’, until all limiting labels and concepts fall away, one has not known of Love.

     Once we begin to understand this level of acceptance and appreciation and experience it for ourselves, we understand how any notion of a ‘God’ could never have a need to change anything, let alone even capable of experiencing unhappiness. How could God be unhappy with that which It is and created. All is Love, All is Divine, All is Perfect, and All is Self.


(Quotes from Communion with God)